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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In recent years, a new


     In recent years, a new working technique
has appeared and it draws attention a lot especially for business people. It
called flexible working times and it allows people to work from home. Some
people call it shortly, home office.

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     This report will include advantages and
disadvantages of home office idea. Also, there is a significant effect of this
idea is that influence on women in business. This report also commentates that
how this idea affect women’s life.

     While preparing this report, I used
articles, interviews and anonymous surveys. These sources are beneficial for
understanding the effects of home office detailed.



     Working from home is a case that has
started to be discussed in recent years. Even a lot of companies start to imply
this tecnique to their routine. Companies advocate that this technique provides
employees more flexible and personal time and it makes people more productive.
There are counter arguments to this point, for example, some of the business
people say that working from home and flexible time for work affect people in a
negative way. The managers cannot control their employees whatever they want
and they think it causes seriousness while working.






this report, advantages and disadvantages of working from home will be compared.
This report will present beneficial effects of flexible working times more than
working from an office. This is a significant research for business world
because the most important issue in business is the stress of the business
people because of their working density and the time they cannot spare with
their personal needs. It can be an idea that can enable people to be more
productive and stressfull also, this could be a chance for people to reach their
maximum success and productivity. The purpose of this report is reveal the
advantages and disadvantages of flexible working times for employees, managers
and women. Also, to demonstrate how much flexible working times idea is important
issue for business people.



source that I use is about the benefits from two sides of flexible working
times and an explanation of benefits and losses from a manager’s point of view.
My second source is about advantages and disadvantages of working from home and
also contains a useful information about the conformity and happiness that home
office idea provides. Also, the third source that I use includes the topic
which is about the women in business life and how home office idea affects them
directly and how it affects. The last source that I use contains a different
side of information about advantages and disadvantages of flexible working
times and also, it reports which professions can able to do their work from
home and which cannot.





of all, there are a lot of advantages of flexible working hours. For instance,
it provides people more free time for their personal lives, for their families and
for their hobbies. It makes people less stressful and more happy. Also, because
the less interruption and more comfortable place makes people more productive
and creative on their own. For a business person who mostly works from his/her
computer can lay down on his/her own coach and take his/her coffee, listen to music
on the background in his/her own home, at the same time he/she can check
his/her e-mails, answer them and can do meetings from the internet. This
situation is so attractive for most of the business people who forced to work
from an office. Also, fewer interruption provides them to work continous and
concentrated. In the article which name is “Gauging
Perceived Benefits from ‘Working from Home’ as a Job Benefit” (p.85) contains
surveys anonymous indicates that most of the people are more productive when
they work from home. The statisticle data is 59 out of 84 people agree that
they are more productive when they are at home while working. Also, the same
article commentates that the time which is spend on transportation can be used
to be more productive on work. (p.82) Everyday people spend lots of time to go
to work. This idle time can be utilized by work and it is remarkable period of
time which is wasted. To assert that Alpine Access declare their 30% increase
in sales and 90% less customer complaints because of their home office policy.
(p.82) They also indicate in the survey that they are more motivated while they
are working from home and statistics for this data is 79 out of 83 people.
Another point worth mentioning is that 63 out of 84 people agrees that they
save money when they started to work from home. So, it demonstrates that
working from home provide people to save more money and working from an office
is more costly for employees.



     On the other hand, there are
contradictions about this newly used working technique that provides people
more time to spare their own interests. Some people insist that working from
home causes frivolity while they are working and serious explanations are so
hard while wearing pyjamas. Also, some of them have difficulties to arrange time.
The article which is called “Taking Your Work” demostrates that people cannot
decide where they have to stop and they say they cannot say it is done for
today and it affects their personal lives in a negative way. (p.129) They mix
their personal and business life unrestrained. At the same time managers say
they cannot control their employees whenever they want. In the article which is
called “Gauging Perceived Benefits from ‘Working from Home’ as a Job Benefit”
managers says that they are more relieved when they witness their employees
while working. (p.84) So, it makes some works complicated than it should be.
Some people also complain about the loneliness. Workplace can offer
alternatives to make friend, yet in home people work alone and they complain
about there is no chance to meet new people. In the same article shows that 52
out of 84 agrees that they miss face to face interaction with people when they
work from home. (p.85)

     Another important issue is about how flexible
working time influences women. It has beneficial effects on women’s business
life because most of the women in business had to leave for a specific time
period to come back. Generally the reason is pregnancy and they have to take
maternity leave but when they are allowed to work from home by their manager
they can take care of their babies while working. So there is no need to take a
leave for them. Also, most of them have to train a new employee to fill in
their position. They indicate that in the interview which is called “Home
Office vs. the Field” it is very hard to teach them all the work they that do
daily and they have to provide it will be done impeccable when they are take
off. (p.15) Flexible working time saves women from this misery. In addition, in


 article which is called “Gauging Perceived
Benefits from ‘Working from Home’ as a Job Benefit” shows that in a survey 53
out of 83 people agrees that they are able to maintain work/life balance while
they are working from home. (p.85) Also, the same article express that 78% of
the sick days are not about sicknesses, they are about stress and personal
issues. After home office policy they start to observe reduction on sick days.

last point that this report commentates is how people decide that they can work
from home or they cannot. Some people’s jobs are suitable for working from
everywhere especially if their job based on their computer and internet
connection. It is so easy to work everywhere. Yet if the job they have is linked
to the people and requires to be in the workplace, this new technique is
useless for them. A study in the interview which is called “Working from home: Germany
lagging behind other European countries” demonstrates that 40 percent of all
people’s jobs are suitable for working from home. (p.105)



 In conclusion, the article showed that most of
the people are open to home office idea but also, it contains advantages and
disadvantages. After looking all of the information, advantages are much more
outweigh than disadvantages. Implementation of this idea can provide more
productive and happier employees for the company. It can be beneficial
especially for the women employees and managers.

article which called “Taking Your Work” demonstrate that working from home
provide people much more spare time to spend with their families and do some
hobbies that they interested in. Also these options provide people to be more
happy for have that job, for  


being part of that
company. Moreover, if people in a workplace is happy to be there, they will
work with more passion and gladly and it brings reproductivity and success.                                                                              

the other hand, working from home can cause negative effects on people, for
example, people could start to unconcious about when they have to work off and
it affects their personal life in a negative way. It can affect people on the
contrary of the idea that allows people more spare time to spend on their own
or with their families. Also, some of the people complain about feeling lot of
comfort in their home and that comfort does not allow them to do their work.

addition to the employee effects there are negative effects on managers too.
Managers have some difficulties to control their employees that they do their
work right and on time. Most of the managers are more relieved when they
witness their employees while they are working. It also cause loss of control. On
the contrary, this idea offers more flexible time for women, it makes life more
easier for them. It gives a chance to have a successsfull carrier and to be a
good housewife.



strongly agree that working from home can provide this company much more than
its negativity. It will make employees more happy and glad that their here. It
can also have negative effects but these problems will not be the problems that
cannot solve. Most important negative effect can be loss of employee control by
managers. On the other hand, employees reduce rationalize whether if they are
not sick. So, it increase working times and it increases productivity. Implementation
of working from home can provide this company more success


correlatively our
employee satisfaction. Employees can start to spend their times with families
and saving more money. So, it transform people more motivated to do their work.
 I strongly                                                                                                                     recommend
that this idea to implement in the company to higher productivity, higher
employee gratification.






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