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Exemplary life can be vividly seen in each and person’s book of life. Indeed life is a wonderful gift and how we live it is one big mystery to be solved by ourselves. Whatever we choose or reject in life will have a great impact on each chapter of our book of life. The why does life changes without our consent at times? If our choices have a higher impact on our decisions in life, then do unexpected changes turn our life happy or sad in seconds?

        Well, honestly no one can give an answer to those questions….the only thing that I understand about changes is that, it helps us to grow into a warrior, a survivor and a fighter. Change in life can come in many different forms, in many different ways, just to make life a memorable play.

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        William Shakespeare, in his renowned poem, “Seven ages of man”, symbolized the life of a person to that of an actor, because of the roles he or she plays in life. In short, he described the changes in life as different stages which people go through from being an infant who came to this world to the dead who goes to sleep for an eternity. All this happens because of change in life. In between those changes, the one who understands the complexity of life wins, while the one who does not understand this, remain in vain over past experiences, without making the best out of that change. Such people suffer themselves and make others go through misery as well.

            However the irony of life is that we want change yet we even do not want change in life. Our imagination of a so-called heavenly life misguides us towards reality of change in life. As a result we tend to overlook the fact, that change can bring harsh time as well and then we run away from it. So we need to prepare for the change mentally. Whatever we do within the changes in our life, leads to our ultimate success or failure in life. It can be best visualized in one of the Rumi’s quotes:

“Those who don’t want change let them sleep”

            Therefore, change within self-esteem, change within surroundings and change within each and every matter of life is important. This is reality of change in life.


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