Aveneu Park, Starling, Australia

Experience background and with a population of

a truly unique lifestyle and the warmth hospitality of the village folks in
Banghuris, Sepang.



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Banghuris is a combination of
three villages namely Kampung Bukit
Bangkong, Kampung Hulu Chuchoh and
Kampung Hulu Teris. Banghuris
Homestay offers visitor to stay together with local family and explore the
lifestyle of the local villagers. Tourist can be a part of local people by
getting involved in the traditional games and cultures of the local comunities.Tourist
will experience the warm welcoming by traditional music instruments like
‘kompang’ and ‘cempuling’ besides enjoy local food offered at Banghuris
Homestay. Most of the Banghuris people is Javanese Malay background and with a
population of over 3,000 people, tourist will expose to the one of uniques
tradition custom in Malaysia. Banghuris also offers agrotourism activities like
planting fruit tree, rubber tapping, taste a traditional Malay fruit, and visit
palm estates.

of Banghuris Homestay

The banghuris was
established in 1995 with only 16 host families involved. Two years later the
number was inreased to 80 host families in Banghuris Homestay. The homestay
program was establish because of increasing number of visitors to Kampung Hulu
Chuchoh after it selected as ‘The Best Villages’ from 1896 to 1993 at the
district and state levels for a well-maintained environment, landscape,
traditional houses, communal facilities, and a highly developed level of SMEs.
Todays, there are 153 families who involve to all activities provide in
Banghuris Homestay, and 87 families who participate as host families to provide
118 rooms for 236 tourist at one time.


Banghuris Homestay is
located closed to each other in Sepang district, 60 km from Kuala Lumpur and 30
km or about ½ drive from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and


Kampung Hulu Chuchoh, 43950
Sungai Pelek, Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia


012 662 8548 (Haji Basir
Wagiman) +6019 232 5758 (Haji Salam Wagiman)

+6019 391 9547 (Puan Misriah



From the Kuala Lumpur
International Airport it takes about 20 minutes driving. Tourist can take
public transportation provides on Klia like taxi and shutter bus to Banghuris
Homestay, but is highly advise for visitor to make pick-up arrangements with
the homestay operators.

of the place

The Banghuris Homestay is
the only homestay in the Sepang District with Javanese Malay background. One of
the interesting activities to do in Banghuris Homestay is argotourism
activities like visiting palm plantations, rubber plantation, coffee farms,
local fruit and orchards. Tourist also can learn on how local people do rubber
tapping and made coffee in traditional ways and experience trying rubber
tapping. Banghuris Homestay also provide  Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that produces
traditional cake, potato chip and frozen food. Tourist can visit the factory
and enjoy themselve doing it on their own.

Banghuris Homestay has  won numerous  awards and recognition  such as 
the winner of  Zon Tengah Level
Ilham Desa Competition in 2003 and then the winner in the national level of the
same competition in 2005, the sixth Ministry of Tourism Award as well as the
Malaysia’s Best Homestay Award in 2004





effects of Banghuris Homestay

The Banghuris Homestay
earned RM 543,849 and received 7,324 tourist in 2012 which was recorded as the
highest number in Selangor and forth highest in Malaysia. This number of
tourist arrival contributes to an average monthly income of RM 520 for each
host family. Meanwhile average income of farmer and small enterprise owner is
RM 1500 and host family in the homestay program is the higher total average
income which is RM 2000. During the big event or festival the local comunities
gain on average RM 2000 to RM 3000.

effect of Banghuris Homestay

After establishing the
Banghuris Homestay, goverment were focusing on argiculture and small enterprise
development. Banghuris Homestay received more and new agiculture land from
Argotek and subsidies for machinery. This susidies help owner of small
enterprise to expend their business wisely. Beside that, involvement on homestay
program has allowed local comunities to increase their non-agricultural skills,
especially in tourism, business, and hospitality management so that local
communities can serve tourist more porperly. The Banghuris Homestay also
provides new employment opportunities for the youth in these villages. Some of
them are helping their parents on participantion as host families while some
participating in the program activities such as traditional musical

effect of Banghuris Homestay

Homestay program has also
prevented the historical enviroments and traditional lifestyles of the villages
from modernization. The application of customs activities like “kenduri” and
“gotong royong” in the program activities helps preserve Malay traditions. The
javanese community in these villages is also able to promote and restore their traditional
dance, music, customs, and cuisine through the homestay program. The continues
practice of traditional activities will vanish the skill and knowledge,
especially among young Javanese in Malaysia. This program increase interest and
awareness toward Malay and Javanese culture among domestic and foreign tourist
as well as among the villagers themselve.


The normal issues arise when
doing homestay program is where some of the “Homestay” operates without
registered with MOTAC with is a local authorities to manage the homestay
program in Malaysia. According to MOTAC, a homestay programme requires the
participation of at least 10 houses within the villages, with bigger involving
from villagers itself. As reported in several local newspapers, many
owners of lodging operations were using the term ‘Homestay’ to describe their
business operation but not exectly follow the original concept of homestay made
by MOTAC. The misused term could lead to confusion to tourists who are want to experience
Homestay in the true context. In reality, the lodging operator only offering
pure accommodation to the guest with no family interaction and community
activities involvement as it should be in a true Homestay environment.
Therefore, such report needs to be investigated further as it could be one of
the many challenges faced by genuine Homestay operators.




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