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Feminism Social Political Union l The create

Feminism Movement


movement in UK: Women’s Social Political Union

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The create of Women’s Social Political Union


It was founded by Emmeline Pankhurst in 1903 to expose the gender
discrimination in British society.


Emmeline Pankhurst was active on
advocate of women’s voting rights, her radical strategy has been widely
criticized, but her work is indeed a key factor in realizing the rights of
women in England to participate in politics.


Some of their protests violated the law at the time,
their act included stone-throwing, window-smashing, and arson of unoccupied
churches and country houses, so after Emmeline Pankhurst, the founder of the
Union being arrested for jailing for participating the social movements, members
went on a hunger strike at that time, forced feeding instead made these members
sick to attracted the attention of the community and lead government release?The Cat and
Mouse Act?.


In order to avoid death of female prison hunger strike,
the government released female prisoners and arrest them after their body
recovered. Although the movement did not bring a suffrage, it aroused the
public about the need for it.


movement in US: New York shirtwaist strike of 1909


New York shirtwaist strike of 1909


Women endured terrible working conditions and usually worked in a small
sweatshops, men can doning higher-paid work and however women gets paid less. Women may Work 65 to 75 hours a week.
There are many unreasonable treatment, for example, long-time working and the
workers were locked in Steel doors and had to ask supervisor when going to


On November 22, 1909, Clara Lemlich
lead the shirtwaist workers to go on a strike on the 24th of November and less
than one day, 15,000 shirtwaist workers walked out of the factories, more
shirtwaist workers joining the strike the following day.


The strike ended in February 1910.
Workers finally gets better pay, shorter working hour and equal treatment. This also led to others strike for
rights which happened later




movement in US: 1910 Chicago garment workers’ strike


1910 Chicago garment workers’ strike


The 1910 Chicago garment workers’ strike also known as
the Hart, Schaffner and Marx (HSM) strike began on September 22, led by women
in which diverse workers in the garment industry.


At that time women did the same workload as male, however
male often received a higher pay rate or concealed benefits. The strike grew
rapidly and 2000 women joined in the first week and the peak of the strike have
41000 workers walking off their job.


The labor leader Sidney Hillman
collaborated with the HSM firm after four months, this help the strike become
success. This strike led to a re-codification of
rules and also the codification in 1931 and 1936.


Finally, the union of Amalgamated Clothing Workers of
America was also set up.


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