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First serious crime like murder, drug deal

First of all, we
have to define what the death penalty is. Death penalty is when someone must be
killed by the state for a serious crime like murder, drug deal and also for
many serious crime. Furthermore the Death Penalty is known as Capital
Punishment in which is also a person put to death for a crime. It is argued
that death penalty should not be allowed cause of terrorism, the damage of the
criminals, and the react of criminals to death penalty.

          In many countries, it becomes hard for
living cause of criminals that have deal with killing, carrying drug and stealing.
Violence and destruction have been increasing so rapidly that are so seriously
impact to the world. In these situation the deal penalty is very formal that
will put them in death and gives an example to others who want to commit a
bad deal. It strikes a positive impression to everyone before to commit an
illegal deal should be thought what is happened to him or her after any illegal

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         It is obviously that now the criminal has
been increasing speedily. Each country has problem with it that destroy the
country inside. From it innocent people are killing or injuring, any company or
bank can declare about bankruptcy, any family can stay without nothing,
adulthood can prepare have deal with criminal that will destroy any humanity in
them, destroying existing plants, machines, transportation system, workers and
other economic resources.

           Does the death penalty impact to criminals
that they will stop their illegal deal? There is no evidence that death penalty
reduces the rate of homicide but last year 14000 people were died and 35
executions took place. In several countries such as USA and Canada the death
penalty was abolished but in China this is now in advance that lowered the

           In brief I want to say that nobody
has the right to pick up another life even the death penalty but in some cases
it is needed cause of criminals that do not have any humanity. Death penalty is
on because of what a person must think before to commit an illegal deal.  


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