Aveneu Park, Starling, Australia

For hustled me to choose “MASTERS IN

For someone like me from a lower middle-class family in Andhra Pradesh, India with first division marks, my bank statement always frowned at the idea that I wish to study abroad would easily be a ‘DREAM TOO BIG’. After completing my bachelors with major in ELECTRICAL, I kept reaching out to various companies and attended job interviews. I was elated when I received a job offer from ‘GPL-the deepest port in India’, to work with. Being worked for 3 years in a Semi-Govt. organisation as electrical engineer for 3 years I learned a roller coaster of ups and downs being faced by the employees due to lack of crystal clear demonstration of projects by the managers. Primarily, which hurdle made this project evoke from normal status-quo. How the desired project can make situation less miserable and finally, how best it can be tackled collectively as a corroborated team. I was eager to take up every extracurricular opportunity available to me – both within and outside the project for its completion in my work field. These situations intrigued me to steer towards learning management subjects, which I believe studying MBA will nudge me in tackling them as a confident manager.

There were incredible myriad of reasons with fine in my belly which hustled me to choose “MASTERS IN BUSINESS ADMINSTRATION”. This program will enhance my knowledge for understanding key business modules that are being practised in engineering industry such as business ethics, marketing, innovation, strategic inventions and . I believe case studies helps me personally and professionally to analyse the situation than to go blind beyond the rule

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Future is all about Artificial Intelligence, Augment Reality, Green Energy, Self-Driving Cars etc. which indeed deals with managerial skills to take off the product into the market. Hungary is an amicable country which spurs learning best business tactics around the country. I always believe that we evolve as we interact with people around us, where Hungarian culture will nurture me as a great human being and not just a professional. I believe the university and the county provide the best ambience for that. Pursuing a management course in Hungary will foster my creativity skills, expand the decision making horizon and pursue my dreams in new direction, as Hungary is one of the most developing business sectors in the world.  I really think what Hungarian education methods could teaches me is to not only be able to get going through academics but to steer through multiple curricular activities, engaging new culture, stupendous environment, traditional ethics thereby, meeting new people. What’s better way to learn about other culture than to study in a Hungarian university and socialise with students from different countries, in any way possible whether it is integrating with the university or helping out with study. 


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