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Freedom curtailed by my very protective mother

is sometimes misunderstood by many.  We
really claim it and we know that as human beings we have freedom and we deserve
it. This kind of freedom when given to anyone will make them feel that they are
considered. Given the fact that the freedom in the workplace is curtailed by
rules and regulations of the institution, as middle management, I will just
monitor them. Give the freedom to the employees in the workplace, treat them as
professionals. Let them do their tasks in their own way but check the output
and the achievement of goals assigned to them.

thing that I will consider and try to understand in the institution is the way
people (both leaders and subordinates) make decisions. Their decisions vary
because they were molded in different environment and experiences. We have variations
in perspectives because in our life we make basic options and choices that made
our basic stance in life. Understanding the people around you is a big thing in
the workplace to create a more harmonious relationship with them. And I think
this is one way to develop trust and healthy working relationship and
productive environment.

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with co-workers is but a natural thing in a professional environment. Since
teachers should need to acquire desirable values (because we are role models),
I will make a way to make these people realize their own value system during
monthly meetings or even during an inset seminar or training. Sometimes
teachers are assigned to do a lot of tasks in school that they very rare to do
self-examination. I believe that this will result in a clearer sense of purpose and greater well-being, self-acceptance and
happiness, and enjoy stronger relationships.

Rational thinking before making any decisions
or taking any actions is essential and a requirement. My acts define who am I
and what I value as a person. I have to show my co-workers that I do what I
preach. It has been part of my learning before that few employees just wait for
the mistakes of others especially to those in the administrative position.

One of my realizations is that
freedom is lessened as we socialize and we commit in relationships. As we
interact and socialize with others, our freedom is lessened or reduced because we
begin and continue to consider others. I never think of freedom that way until
I personally analyzed my own experience. When I was younger my freedom was
curtailed by my very protective mother in almost everything maybe because she
was alone in raising the four of us since my father died when I was 14. When I
got married I thought I will reclaim that freedom.  But it did not happen because I am still
bounded by more rules and more responsibilities than before. I consider my
husband, my in-laws and my children as well. No regrets, just realization.

undeniably agree that one will only realize its importance when it is gone
whether it is a thing or a person. For instance, we can only feel joy when we
experienced sadness. We appreciate something when it is not present anymore.
This is also true with freedom that we only value it when someone is curtailing
our freedom.

Discovering what we really value in life based on the
activity we had in the class on Scheler’s Hierarchy of Values is another
discovery of who we really are. After the activity, there is again a
confirmation and validation of how we exist and the kind of valuing we have.
This will lead to introspection to have a clearer understanding of ourselves to
become a better person and would have positive effects throughout our

is no such thing as absolute freedom. We are living in a society constrained with
limits, let us accept the fact that there are limits with what we can do. We
are always bounded with rules and regulations everywhere, at home, in school, at
work, in church, in the museum, on the streets, in the movie house, etc. This
is done to avoid a chaotic and unruly environment. I cannot imagine a place
where everyone can do anything they would like or love doing. I cannot imagine
a classroom not bounded with ground rules. Let us face the fact that in order
to have a peaceful environment, we have to follow rules or the Do’s and Don’ts.
People are free to do what they
need to do as long as that they won’t go beyond the boundaries the regulation
is providing.  This is a way of showing respect to the authority or
to those people around you.

choice is the cause of one’s basic stance. It is important that adults do their
part to contribute on the younger generations’ basic choices that will help
build their basic stance to become a fundamentally good person. This now
affects and shapes the person’s individual actions and his manner of living.

acquire values based on their previous experiences and through observing others,
whether these are positive or negative ones. Values are related to every choice
and every decision we make. Our decisions and our acts contribute
to define us as we are. It is better to think twice before saying anything or
doing something that might harm or hurt others. It is similar with the saying
in the World Wide Web “think before you click. “


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