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Functional Behavioral Assessment Essay

Mitchell Sample is a 15 twelvemonth old male pupil in the ten percent class at Anytown High School. He lives at place with his parents, Mary and Joseph Sample, three older siblings, all male. Mitchell was referred for a functional behaviour appraisal due to noncompliance with schoolroom regulations and emotional effusions he exhibits within the school scene. These effusions have resulted in his periodic remotion from the regular instruction schoolroom puting. His behaviour and attendant remotion from category is impacting his academic public presentation. He is neglecting all his categories with the exclusion of Art II and PE. Kerr maintains that a functional behaviour analysis “contribute to more effectual interventions.” For this ground an FBA is needed to find the map of the behaviour and how to set up a program that will airt the mark behaviour in to the proper way.

Background Information consisting of parent interviews and reappraisal of lasting records indicate that Mitchell was ab initio referred for particular instruction and related services when he was eight old ages old due to low faculty members and behavioural concerns. He was found ineligible for services and has attended a general instruction classes of all time since. He has remained in general instruction environment since the clip.

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Mitchell has a history of fighting academically. He is showing defiant behaviour by non turning in assignments and disregarding learning petitions and bids. Recently, he has started exhibiting emotional effusions which causes a remotion from the regular instruction scene. These effusions interfere with his instruction every bit good as the instruction of other pupils in the category.

Description of Assessment Methods

  • Direct Observations of public presentation for three hours across six scenes which included World History category, English 10 category, Algebra 1 category, art category, tiffin and hall base on balls clip.
  • Teacher Interviews using a fluctuation of the Functional Assessment Interview Form.
  • Educational records reappraisal, including kid instructor support squad file.

Functional Assessment Results

Kerr and Nelson ( 2010 ) point out that “educators are required to carry on an FBA when relentless behavioural concerns exist ( FBA is normally a portion of the pre-referral and referral activities, and IEP development, reappraisal, and alteration for misconducting pupils ) they are besides required by jurisprudence to carry on it within 10 yearss of any remarkable discourtesy by a pupil with a disablement that is punishable by: remotion to an Interim Alternative Educational Setting” ( Kerr, 2010 ).

A functional appraisal of behaviours of concern was conducted for this study utilizing indirect ( interviews ) and descriptive ( structured observation ) methods. A topographical definition of the behaviours of concern was developed from interviews and so the behaviours of concern were observed using a fleeting clip trying. The ancestors, maps and effects were so analyzed for this study based on recommended research criterions in order to develop a hypothesis for the grounds for the behaviour.


Ancestor Behavior Consequence
World History:

Demands placed on Mitchell in schoolroom.

Mitchell negotiations and ignores teacher instructions. Teacher repetitions instruction while inquiring Mitchell to follow with the petition.
Teacher initiates classroom passage. “Turn in your warm up and take out your survey usher for review.” Mitchell says, “I don’t have my survey guide” and so turns to speak to peer. Teacher asks Mitchell to halt speaking, and so asks him specifically to turn in his warm up.
Teacher gives transcript of survey usher to Mitchell, and tells him, “Fill this out as we review answers.” Mitchell tosses paper on desk, and says, “Yea, right. Doesn’t make any difference if I do it or non. Screw you.” Teacher ignored Mitchell’s remark and started reappraisal.
Class begins analyze guide reappraisal activity. Mitchell negotiations to peer as instructor conducts lesson. Teacher petitions Mitchell remain quiet while reappraisal is traveling on unless he is replying a inquiry about the reappraisal.
Teacher gives Mitchell pick of non speaking during direction or traveling to the hall. Mitchell chooses to travel to the hall. Mitchell walks off from category and is written up for being in an unauthorised country.
Art category:

Mitchell is given clay to work with.

Mitchell participates in activity without interrupting category. Mitchell has clay formed and stored for usage for following category period.
Algebra 1 category:

Teacher asks category to acquire out their assignment to be checked.

Mitchell is speaking to peer and does non follow. Teacher ignores Mitchell’s speaking and Mitchell does non work on his assignment.
English 10:

Mitchell is asked to stay soundless and acquire his assignment out to go through in.

Mitchell replied, “I don’t have the darn assignment.” . Mitchell is written up for insubordination and inappropriate usage of linguistic communication

Description of Behavior

( 1 ) Emotional Effusions:

Data Collection:Datas were collected in five infinitesimal clip sample recordings utilizing a partial interval entering. A positive interval of this behaviour was recorded if the behaviour occurred at any clip during the five minute interval. Datas are reported utilizing per centum of positively scored intervals.

Data Collection Outcome:This behaviour was observed on two occasions one time during English 10 and twice during World History. On the first juncture, the behaviour occurred for 12 out of the 30 minute intervals. On the 2nd juncture, the behaviour occurred for 10 out of the 30 proceedingss intervals.

( 2 ) Noncompliant behaviour

Data Collection: Using the five minute clip sample, this behaviour occurred in three scenes. On the first juncture the behaviour occurred for 15 of the 30 proceedingss. On the 2nd juncture, the behaviour occurred during the full 30 proceedingss. On the 3rd juncture, the behaviour occurred for 10 of 10 proceedingss.

Antecedent Analysis

In an antecedent analysis, one tries to place the events, state of affairss and fortunes that set the juncture for a higher likeliness of the behaviour and those that set the juncture for a lower likeliness. Analysis of these variables allows a more specific intercession every bit good as designation of environmental go-betweens to more to the full measure the maintaining variables ( Scott, T., Anderson, C., & A ; Spaulding, S. , 2008 ). Based on the functional appraisal interviews and structured observations, the emotional effusions behavior can happen during any instructional category period ( Scott, T., Anderson, C., & A ; Spaulding, S., 2008 ). It is reported that this behaviour normally occurs when the instructor makes a petition for Mitchell follow category processs or bring forth classwork. During the structured observations, Mitchell exhibited this behaviour during English 10 direction after the instructors request for the assignment was made. During World History, Mitchell did non hold his prep and continued to speak even when the instructor specifically requested he stay quiet during instructional clip.

Function of the Behaviors

The maps of these behaviours produce attending, get awaying the assigned undertaking, and being removed from the schoolroom. In Mitchell’s state of affairs, the map of his behaviour appears to be avoiding academic classwork.


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