Aveneu Park, Starling, Australia

Gang all miss the old neighborhood, we

Gang war and police over everything in Copenhagen, Nørrebro: Is this really, what our neighborhood has become?

You all go around and believe in Gangsters, but they are not anything! They walk around and believe the cool because they have a gun in their hand. I don’t care what you think about me or the other people in the neighborhood. We all miss the old neighborhood, we miss the good times when the gang war had not started.

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There was a time when the young kids played in the yard, but now everything is changed. All the young kids from the neighborhood want a gun or to kill a boy because he talked bad about “your boys”. Who are you to kill an innocent boy? Why do you think you can take a son from a mother, a brother from a sister and a good friend?


Stop before it’s too late

 When you play coalfish with your friends, think of your own family. Think about your mother! Do you really think your mother will like to have a son who is criminal?  She want a good son not a criminal son.  If you shoot a boy on the street then get ready to either sit in jail or get in another family. Is that what you really want? Get ready not to see your mother more. Get ready not to see “your boys” on the street. If you are a young boy with many dreams and walk around with criminal boys then you can just wave goodbye to your dreams. Get yourself some new friends who can make your dreams come true.

I thought it shouldn’t be easy to sit in jail as it is in Denmark. In Denmark, you are not beaten up in jail. I thought that you should get. The young people from the neighborhood become criminals because either they have the family who are gang members or so they look up to some boys from the neighborhood. There are different kinds of criminals. There are those who shoot all and then there those who sell cocaine. I thought everything should be stopped in a hurry. For in our society it is all immigrant who are criminals. But that is not the case at all.




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