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Generating Solutions and Alternative SolutionsAbercrombie is among many companies that are looking for a way to improve its ER department. Many hiring more and more. While this is an excellent option for the company.  Through previous analysis, I determined that Longer wait time in the ER department can have a lot of issues within the department.  For example dissatisfaction due to the services. How can Abercrombie reduce the wait time in the ER?  Divergent Thinking ProcessBernhard (2013) describes divergent thinking as “to branch out, to go in different directions, from a single point.”  This means that the thinker is allowed to think outside the box and bring many ideas to the table that may not have been considered before.   Brainstorming puts ideas out there that can be built on.While I was brainstorming regarding the wait time in the ER department, I was able to come up with some solutions.Revamp the front-line scheduling process.Better pay.Recognition.Allow job shadowing.Communicate expectations.Make reducing wait times a part of the hospital’s culture.Incorporate patient preferences.Provide a comfortable reception area.Acquiring up to date PCs.To build the patient stream of the ER.The process of brainstorming was pretty fun.  I sat down with my peers at osu majoring in Biology, Pharmacy, Chemistry, and Dentistry we brainstormed concepts and we were pretty much in the same mindset. And that was ways of reducing the wait time in ER department.  Afterwards, I illustrated my thoughts, and we had a fascinating conversation about it! Convergent Thinking ProcessBernhard (2013)  describes convergent thinking as taking a narrower view of a problem, focusing our mind on a single aspect of the puzzle or eliminating alternative solutions.  During our brainstorming session, we each wrote down which one of the possible solutions was most important to each of us.   Below are the results:To enhance the gathering, revealing and utilization of the ER hold up times.To enhance corresponding with patients and people in general in regards to the ER hold timesBetter PayEight of us participated coming out with the concepts, and multiple solutions came out of the discussion we had and took notes on the most important concepts out of the conversation we had. It just shows how some individuals are willing to reduce the wait times in the ER  department.Black Hat/Devil’s Advocate ThinkingIn my opinion, the devil advocate is harder due to the fact that I’m always looking from a different perspective which is positive. Playing the devil’s advocate is tough for me.     By performing this role I always look from my perspective as a patient in the waiting room of the ER department.  Looking at it this way makes me want to improve the situation in the waiting room.  ConclusionCustomer service and cutting wait time in the ER is still the focus of this assignment. Working through this process helped me realize the potential and impact these suggesting could have on the ER department. Wait time in the ER departments are increasing.  


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