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Getting fundamental force has its own base-active

Getting an opportunity to study the abstract aspects of
Physics and the opportunity to peer into reality itself is what I’ve considered
to be a part of my ambition as a Theoretical Physicist. If I were to be
selected as a Woodrow Wilson Research fellow, I would pursue an extensive study
into an idea I came up with about the nature of the universe.

The idea has often crossed my mind that in order to account for
questions such as why gravity is so weak, it is necessary to consider the
universe to be made up of two ‘layers of energy’ (energy density to be more
specific) . In this regard, each fundamental force has a base and an active
energy level which is separated by a definite energy gap where the
manifestation of phenomenon such as wave and particle behavior can be accounted
for as a jump in the energy level from the base to active layer at that region
in space. This explanation also assumes that each fundamental force has its own
base-active layer pair and that the gap between them in terms of energy density
is unique for each force. One can observe that out of the four fundamental
forces of nature, gravity is has a highly dimensional nature with it being
strongly integrated with space time. This theory puts forward the assumption
that the more integrated with space-time the force is, the greater the energy
gap between the base and active layer becomes, hence accounting for the
astronomical events required to make the detection of gravitational waves
possible (neutron stars smashing into each other etc). However, as it is
evident, the theory has very little mathematical and experimental basis and
that is something which I aim to remedy over the next few years of my
educational pursuit.

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The first task at hand is to devise a possible experiment to
further research the aspects of the theory. For this, I propose an
investigation into the phenomenon of vacuum energy through experimental setups
similar to that of the Casimir effect set-up. Theoretically speaking, it should
be possible to isolate virtual particle-antiparticle pairs with the help of a
perpendicular magnetic field, and provided that it does not influence the
system further, the space between the Casimir plates will have a lower energy
density due to the removal of one member of the particle-antiparticle pair. If
performed for various such pairs between the plates, it is possible to observe
a decrease in the attractive force between the two plates and hence
quantitatively investigate the decrease in energy density associated with the
electromagnetic space (since virtual photons are involved to create the
particle-antiparticle pair). Through such observations, one can conclude that
the decrease in energy density is equivalent to the energy required to raise
the corresponding energy level from the base to the active layer.

If such a theory can be proven, it can revolutionize the
field of theoretical physics, as it opens up a wide variety of possibilities
for the explanation of not only quantum phenomena, but also macroscopic phenomena.
This theory can be further extended to account for the continuous energy
exchange between the base and active layers and hence be able to account for
the existence of entropy and energy inefficiency in a thermodynamic system. The
dispersion of this exchanged energy over a wider area of the active layer as
opposed to its initial local region explains the loss in efficiency and
increase in disorder of the system in accordance with the First, Second, and
Third Laws of Thermodynamics.

However, I am more than aware that this project is
exceedingly ambitious and that it’d be next to impossible to obtain results in
a very short span of time. With the Research Fellowship, I aim to further
improve upon the theoretical rigor of this theory along with the incorporation
of a more feasible experimental set-up to prove my assumptions to be correct. I
truly hope that even in the short run, the resources which shall be available
to me through the Woodrow Wilson Research Fellowship along with the guidance
from the professors will allow me to solidify my concepts and build towards a
more concrete framework for the study of the possibility of energy layers. It
goes without saying that my project aims to contribute towards humanity’s
knowledge reserves and as a result, will not be able to succeed unless I obtain
the opportunity for greater collaboration and communication. I only hope that
my project will be considered for the Fellowship so that I truly become a part
of the broader scientific community.


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