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Getting graduation. Funding for student recreation can

Getting a college education can get expensive, it
is expensive because colleges and universities are expensive to operate. These colleges
and universities not only rely on tuition and fees paid for by the students of
the institution, but also on funding from both the state and federal levels. As
universities and colleges can gain funds form governmental entities; the better
recourses that are available to provide quality education. Without that aid,
students would be forced to pay more, either out of pocket or through private
or federal loans. Because of cut funding form the state and federal
governments, colleges a university will not be able to provide resources that
may provide a high caliber of education. Funding for universities and college
is lower now than it was during the most resent economic depression. Besides
funding providing better resources that can provide quality education, but
there can other consequences that can affect not only the universities itself,
but also the student body.

            Tuition and fees imposed by a
college or universities helps pay for operation of the universities, but also
pay other service that the universities or college provide. Among these
services are: health and wellness, student recreation, and other student activities
that make college and universities an enjoyable experience. Many student relays
on government funding for health and wellness services. This includes being
able to see a doctor and get medication for little to no cost. This also includes
mental, physical, and sexual heath. Many students cannot afford to go see
medical professionals and many do not have any form of heath insurance. Many students
rely on these services an as funding form the government gets cut, universities
and colleges are force to either raise fees for heath and wellness or will
provide less services available to the students who may need them.

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            Student recreation are student activities
that are for the students. This makes college and universities more enjoyable
by providing places where students can relax and destress from the challenges
of college and universities. A gym is a prime example that can be used to
destress. Other examples can include: free sporting events, intermural sports,
and destress before finals. College can be extremely stressful, and many students
struggle with their studies and sometimes do not make to graduation. Funding
for student recreation can what helps students though college and graduation
and if it gets cuts many students will miss out on finishing school.

            While it is the students who
ultimately take the hit for the cut in funding in higher education, the college
or university also has its own set of consequences. The colleges and
universities rely heavily on funds from both the state and federal government.

Even when students foot the missing funds colleges and universities still tend
to do thing that will help cut cost. Colleges and universities tend to do
things like: hiring freeze, cutting lower level jobs, and reallocating money
that may have been budgeted for something else.

            It’s not that the university is not
getting money. The state budget for higher education in 2017 is approximately
13 Billion dollars. Most of that money goes to paying staff, (Wages and
salary). The rest of it get split up between: operations, utilities,
scholarships, discounts, and equipment (using Texas A Univariate-
Kingsville as an example). While funding for higher education has been taking
hits lately, universities and colleges are still getting large amounts of funds
on a yearly basis. Obviously is nothing that the institutions can not handle,
as there has not been any closures of universities due to money issues.

However, it is the students who must foot the bill as tuition increases over
time, and it is other fees that also increase in price. Witch overall, increase
the total bill to attend university. As students and their families struggle
with paying for their education, many students still find it impossible to come
up with money need for them to attend classes.

            State and federal funding is necessary
to not only help the universities and colleges to run smoothly, pay staff, and
provide top notch education; but it helps the students by: lower tuition,
better educational resources, and student recreation are all components that
can help a student thrive during and after college and university. Without
state funding college and university will become a privilege for only the wealthy
and elite, leaving many young people without the opportunity of attending college
or university, because of high tuition and fees. State school that get funds
form the state and federal governments are a lot more affordable than private
college or universities that do not obtain funds from the governments, due to
higher tuition and fees. State school provide everything a private school can
for a fraction of the cost. Many students rely on the affordability of many
state school. It is the students who end up taking the hit. For not only higher
tuition and fees but also form the reduced quality of educational rescores and
as well as student recreation. 


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