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Global warming is due to human activity

Global warming is an event of rising average temperatures of the Earth’s surface caused by increasing greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere. According to research, over the past century, the average temperature of the earth’s surface has shown an increase of 0.6 degrees Celsius. The increase in temperature the lives of living things and natural conditions on earth. Human influence has become a very serious issue now because humans are not looking after the earth. Humans that cause global warming such as, greenhouse effect, illegal logging, Methane pollution by agriculture, plantation, and livestock.

The cause of global warming is due to human activity itself with the growing population of technologhy and industry and the increasing population of the growing population and this is what will cause global warming around the world.

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The first environmental effect of global warming is The greenhouse effect rising earth surface temperatures will lead to changes a very extreme climate on earth. This can result in disruption forests and other ecosystems, thereby reducing its ability to absorbcarbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Global warming leads to the melting of icebergs in the polar regions that can lead to rising sea levels. The greenhouse effect will also lead to rising sea temperatures, resulting in some small islands sinking in the archipelagic country, bringing huge changes.

The greenhouse effect is caused by increased concentrations of carbon dioxide (CO2) gases and other gases in the atmosphere. Increased concentrations of CO2 gas are caused by the burning of fuel oil, coal and other organic fuels that exceed the ability of plants and seas to absorb it.

A second Effect of illegal logging, loss of forest function as water storage, water controller that can prevent flooding as well as landslide. So vulnerable to drought, flood and landslide disaster. In addition, illegal logging also eliminates biodiversity, reduced quality and quantity of ecosystems and biodiversity, and even illegal logging can play a role in.

Illegal logging causes the high demand for wood is inversely proportional to the suply. In such a context, it can happen that the demand for legal logging is not sufficient to meet the high demand for timber in the international market and the large installed capacity of the domestic wood industry / local consumption. The high demand for wood in the country and abroad is not proportional to the abiliy of the supply of timber industry (legal logging) these supplies and demand for timber encourage illegal logging practices in national parks and conversation forests.

Last, effect of Methane pollution by agriculture, plantation, and livestock the decline in agriculture production due to crop failure. People around the world will experience famine due to declining agriculture production due to crop failue.

 Methane pollution by agriculture, plantation, and livestock methane gas is a gas that causes global warming; this gas is very influential in global warming because gas is the second order of the main causes of global warming. Methane gas is caused by organic ingredients lacking from the breakdown of bacteria in agriculture, plantations and livestock.

            Effect of this global warming drough which resulted in lack of healthy air, clean water

And crop failure, hunger and food prices to soar.

            To sum up, global warming is the increase in the world average temperature both Inland, Oceans and in the earth’s atmosphere. Global warming is caused by the greenhouse effect. Thus, let us preserve and preserve the environment to save the earth that has given us the perfect life. Stop global warming.


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