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Goal clear and specific. This process allows

Goal setting is very important to accomplish something in our lives. A majority of people are strongly convinced that planning goal is a crucial and simple strategy to improve work ability or success. This is mainly because it provides you the direction and motivates yourself. In the case of my experience, I always set my goal whenever I start something new. Last year, I also had several goals I wanted to achieve such as passing the IEC course and having a driver license. Nevertheless, the keyword of 2017 is regret for me. I failed to fulfill promises due to my laziness and bad habits. “Old habits die hard”. Procrastinating is the one of deleterious habits from my childhood. Everyone might have obstacles which disturbs you from reaching the goal. According to the survey, 92 percent of people fail to reach their goals. The result of this poll has shown that achieving goal is very difficult. Consequently, people have to determine specific goal plan, stop procrastinating and motivate yourself with reward for accomplishing our goal.First of all, determining exactly about your goal is the first step of goal setting. Writing down about your goals on paper with the benefits comes from accomplishing them. It should be clear and specific. This process allows people to make explicit plans and provides accurate direction for increasing the possibility of success. In addition to this, goal must be practical to achieve. Through this procedure with understanding the purpose and responsibility of your goal, people will have a stronger sense of accountability which keeps them motivate to achieve the goal. Second, eliminating/avoiding procrastination and distraction is essential condition to achieve goal. Stop procrastinating what you should do now. Procrastination is the biggest negative factor which interrupts you from completing your work. Many people have a tendency to procrastinate their tasks. However, just starting take action can bring better outcome rather than waiting until the last day or postponing to another day. You need to try to stop procrastinating by keeping remind you, having short break term or dividing work in several parts. Additionally, people have to minimize the distractions around them. The most common distractions which makes you hard to focus are interacting with friends by phone, messy environment and ????. As a result, if you want to reach your goal, you had better to cut off your distraction such as turning off phone notification and not put off doing tasks until later. Third, motivating yourself with minor reward for celebrating each accomplishment. It can be taking day off ???? from work, eating delicious dessert or going shopping. This kind of little happiness can brings more effective result or encourages to work harder for another accomplishment. It will help you to overcome in a tough situation and keep you going. A recent research has shown that small prize can be a positive reinforcement. For example, remember how receiving reward for great grade in childhood inspired you. 


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