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Good morning
Ms. Rose and my fellow friends. As you know, people around the world have bad habits,
it could be small or big. But today I’m focusing on habits youths are accustomed
to. Procrastinating. This word isn’t an unfamiliar word to teens or even
adults. Sometimes, people are doing it without even realizing, especially people
who are used to procrastinating already. The reason students like to
procrastinate is because even if they’re doing it, it doesn’t affect much
towards their daily lives. Other reasons people especially teens this era like
to do this are because of the laziness in doing something productive or the
thought of doing something hard, exhausting, and overwhelming, the lack of
interest towards the topic or an unappealing project that isn’t enjoyable for
us could be one of the many reasons too.

Teens who
haven’t matured yet mostly procrastinate because of the inability to prioritize
things and make right decisions. The fear of failure by teens who have low
confidence also causes them to procrastinate, because they usually underestimate
themselves and also their negative thinking towards people’s opinion about
their upcoming or past work. But the major cause people procrastinate is because
of a distraction. The need to play games, watch television, or hanging out with
Syour friends are the most common distractions. Because they’re easy and fun to

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has a few benefits like reducing stress, and gives people time to relax. But
those benefits only last for a little while until the day before the deadline,
their anxiety and stress will increase because the thought of not having the
work done on time or the thought of being given a punishment. But a procrastinator
who has to do things that doesn’t have a deadline like choosing a job after
university will procrastinate until they realize their mistake, which could be
for a long term usually after they feel the feeling of unhappiness and regret.

To stop
those things to happen, we should stop procrastinating. And the most useful way
for us is by motivating ourselves and our willingness to stop. If we are
willing we could actually do some job done, the things we could do are creating
a to-do list, do the most important task first for at least a small amount of
time, choose a quiet and empty workspace, ask a buddy to lookout for your new
working habit so that you couldn’t go back to your previous habit, or promise
yourself you’ll get a reward when it’s done. Those things are easy if you’re
motivated and willing to change. As Martin Luther King said, you don’t have to
see the whole staircase, just take the first step.


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