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Great Smoky Mountain National Park is at the border between North Carolina and Tennessee. It’s located at Swain and Haywood counties in North Carolina and Sevier, Blount and Cocke counties in Tennessee. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park covers around 244,000 acres of Tennessee and 276,000 acres of North Carolina. This totals 520,000+ acres.  Temperatures can be vary from 10-20 degrees Fahrenheit from the Mountains base to top. It rains 55 inches per year in the lowlands to 85 inches per year. This Nationals park is the most visited park bringing in about 8-10 million visitors each year. The park was founded estimated to be 9,000 years ,Great Smoky Mountain was founded in 1934 for preserving the land. President Franklin D. Roosevelt dedicated the National Park on September 2nd, 1940. The oldest sedimentary rock were found at Proterozoic Era around 800 million years ago. Most of the rock in Great Smoky Mountain National park are Sedimentary and were formed from clay, slit , gravel, and other minerals. The rock that great smoky have is Cambrian Sedimentary rocks are found among the outer reaches of the foothills to the northwest of the mountain. Great Smoky Mountains are sedimentary and were mostly by slit, sand and minor amounts in the lying layers. Elevations in the National Park range from 876 feet to 6,643 feet.  The highest point is Clingmans dome it is 6,644 ft high. The major plants are trillium, grandiflorum blooms snowy white, species mapper, and red cardinal flower. The animals that lives in the park are black birds, european wild hogs, gypsy moth, white tailed deer, elk, raccoons, woodchucks and other animals. In the wildlife can be challenged because most is covered by dense forest.         Great Smoky Mountains National Park welcomed over 10 million visited every year. It remains the most visited National Park in the nation. Great smoky has so many so many popular destination like Gatinburg, Pigeon Forge, cherokee, and more. From Virginia the flight is from $223 and the hotel are great price so we able to visit there anytime!


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