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Hammurabi’s Code: You Be the Judge Essay

Contemplation Questions

Answer the undermentioned inquiries in complete sentences.

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How does category impact the type of penalty given based on Hammurabi’s Code? The more of import you are the worse the penalties get.

Do you believe Hammurabi’s Code is a good set of Torahs? Why or why non? I think that it isn’t a good set of Torahs because most of the penalties aren’t just and possibly one thing could hold been an accident but their penalty would be decease.

Why was Hammurabi’s Code of import for the development of civilisation? It was of import because this was their manner of life.

Would you desire to populate in a society where a set of Torahs like Hammurabi’s Code was used? Why or why non? No I would non desire to populate in a topographic point like this because it is to cruel and so you would hold tonss of bad or chilling people populating at that place because the people might non be happy with their penalty and take it out on every one who lived at that place.


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