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Harold targeting Russian intelligence agents. The FBI

Harold Nicholson is a former CIA officer and convicted
spy for Russia’s Foreign
Intelligence Service (SVR). In 1980,
after leaving the Army as an intelligence officer, Nicholson joined the CIA. In
the CIA, Nicholson was stationed around the world as an operations officer
focusing in intelligence operations against foreign intelligence entities. 1992-19994,
While stationed in Malaysia, Nicholson was tasked with specifically targeting
Russian intelligence agents. The FBI reported Nicholson was most likely
recruited by the SVR during this time. June 1994, a day after he had met with
SVR agents, $12k was transferred into Nicholson’s personal bank account. From 1994-1996,
Nicholson was an instructor at a CIA training site (the Farm) where he taught
tradecraft to his students.  In late 1995, an
FBI investigation was started after Nicholson failed a routine security
polygraph multiple times.

The CIA learned from a Russian FSB mole, that a priority
information requirement for Russian intelligence was any information Chechen
rebels. While at the Farm as an instructor, Nicholson asked people in the
European section for information on Chechnya. Nicholson’s
reasons were that he was working on a new exercise for his students. According
to Langley, there was no lesson on Chechen rebels at that time. Nicholson was
then assigned to the counterterrorism branch, while being watched closely. He was given
limited access to information on Russia and Chechnya, because that was determined
to be the main interest of his Russian handlers.

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    November 1996, the
FBI arrested Nicholson while on his way to Switzerland from Dulles
International Airport near DC. A disk
was found on him, with classified information pertaining to the CIA, along with
a bundle of film. June 1997, after selling US intelligence to Russia for $300k,
Nicholson was sentenced to 23 and a half years in prison. It’s believed that
Nicholson gave up all the identities of his students from the Farm as well as
the US intelligence agents in Russia. It’s said Nicholson, is the highest-ranking
CIA official to date to be tried and convicted of spying for a foreign


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