Aveneu Park, Starling, Australia

Have her love for UNCW. That moment

Have you ever made an instant connection with a person,
place or thing?  I am talking about a
connection so strong that in that instant you knew this is where I belong, that
this is where my future lies.  I
experienced this type of connection the first time I set foot on the University
of North Carolina at Wilmington’s campus. 
I was immediately captivated by the sense of community and family which
is apparent on the campus and the surrounding Wilmington area.  While touring the campus I encountered a student
who engaged us in conversation and conveyed her love for UNCW.  That moment is when I realized that UNCW is
exactly what I am looking for in a college, a close-knit friendly environment
that is also large enough and diverse enough to offer me a rewarding college experience.  Ultimately, I had found the school that would
help me realize my goal of being the first in my immediate family to attain a
bachelor’s degree and in a city where I can foresee building my life after

After high school I chose to attend College of DuPage near
my home.  I was unsure of my career path
and wanted to explore my options along with gaining some experience with
college level classes.  During my time at
COD I have come to realize that diligence, determination and hard work are the
only way to better myself.  Furthermore,
I have discovered an interest in and have been encouraged by one of my professors
to pursue a creative writing degree.   I believe that UNCW is the school to help me
cultivate my interest in creative writing.  I know that class sizes at UNCW will make the
learning environment feel more intimate and also make it easier to seek out
assistance if needed.   I recently had the opportunity to speak with a
current student in UNCW’s creative writing program; she told me that her
professor’s, advisors and other students in the program motivate her to do her best.   A goal
in my education is to believe in myself and trust that I won’t let myself
down.  I believe that UNCW is the place
where I will be able to develop a stronger relationship to my professor’s which
will contribute to me being a more successful student.  I look forward to learning from someone who
is genuinely interested in the success of their students.

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During my visits to UNCW I have come to realize that there
is always something to do or become involved with to expand my knowledge beyond
the classroom.  Being a student at UNCW
will allow me to experience new things and pursue opportunities that are not
available to me now.  I hope to soon be a
contributing part of the Seahawk community and to one day be that student that approaches
a visiting family and conveys their love for UNC W!  I am so ready for the challenge of being a
student at UNCW.


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