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Have you ever heard the expression “Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime”? Well, I believe that this statement accurately represents what Canada should be doing with regards to its supply of fresh water. Rather than exporting our water to countries in need, I believe we should be teaching them how to desalinate their own water. With that being said, I rate my opinion at a 2.I am aware that there are many countries in this world that are suffering from water shortages but I think that it should be known that giving these countries our water is not the only solution to this immense issue. Not to mention, that there are several repercussions to this potential decision. For example, the transportation of water is very expensive. Since water is so heavy, and elevation changes demand energy-intensive pumping to keep it moving, costs can get very pricey. Furthermore, costs can vary depending on the project, but moving water at long distances can be five times more costly than local desalination options. Considering that most water-deprived regions are oceans away, exporting our water will eventually cost us.Better alternatives to shipping our water are investing in building desalination plants and training residents of these regions to clean their own water. Other options include funding the provision of water treatment water bottles or “The Drinkable Book” 1 both of with purify contaminated water. These various possibilities can create jobs, a stable economy, a sustainable source of water, and can provide motivation to the local inhabitants to protect their own environment. By comparison, the number of jobs that could be created in Canada would be insignificant when contrasted with the economic impact on the developing countries. A hand up is better than a hand out. In the event of humanitarian crises brought on by natural disasters, I would support the delivery of our water to the affected region(s). In general, my preference would always be to support education and training so that these regions can create their own sustainable source of water. Give a man a fish… or?


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