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Have small car like the smart car.

Have you ever wondered why they call the smart car a smart car, or is the smart car better than a normal car?   Smart cars are not called smart cars because they are smart, they are called smart cars because that is the brand just like Chevy, Ford, or Ram. There are some upsides to a smart car and some downsides. Here are some of the upsides to the smart car.They are meant to be small for parking. You can make someone’s day because they take up less than a whole parking spot so you don’t have to worry about smashing your door into someone else’s car. Imagine your kids are getting in the car on a windy day and you hear “CRASH”, then you realize your kid just  someones car.  They can even decrease the chance peoples injury when you get in a crash. You don’t have to wake up to the sounds of cars in the city because smart cars are less noisy than normal cars. If you own a smart car you can get pretty good mileage at 32 miles a gallon for a small car like the smart car. The Ford explorer has 19 miles to a gallon so a smart car has a really good deal with gas mileage. So, Smart cars do have some upsides, but they also have a downsides.Smart cars need premium gas and that is more expensive. Let’s say you’re traveling to a different state and you are running out of money and need gas. So, you stop to get fuel then you find out you don’t have the cash to get gas now you really just put yourself in a bad position. They also don’t have a rear view camera. That can be dangerous but who ever has a smart car has to go retro and use the mirrors. They also don’t have room for groceries for a family, so this is a car for a couple not a family. The smart car is for neighborhood and the city not the country it can’t haul a trailer. Farmers need big trucks so Smart cars are not meant for farmers. If you have a big dog the smart car is not for you they are small height and width. Even though it has good gas mileage it is not good for cross country trips it has good gas mileage but it is dangerous and vulnerable to bigger cars, they also can’t hold your luggage. According of this video named smart car crash it shows me how fafal it really is to get in a crash with the smart car. The smart car maximum space for people is 2 comfortable.Someone told me that the shifts change by themselves and that he was on a bridge and the shift change turned to reverse and it jerks so hard he thought he had blown a tire. Like I said the smart car is small so it is not good under heavy


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