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Have you ever been in a natural disaster such as a hurricane or a tornado?this article will help you to understand how bottled water can be helpful after a natural disaster.An earthquake in haiti broke down the pipes of water and people couldn’t get water from anywhere so two companies united and said “oh this people don’t have  water lets send them some water bottles”.so they send water by ship they got the water.this is the reason why water bottles are good too natural disasters can break down tap water and bottled water can save a lot of live.if anyone says that tap water is better tell them this story.When a natural disasters happens bad thing can lead to deaths, accidents etc. But what you never thought of was water the water called tap water that a lot of people drink is bad for people no one knows what’s inside that water or where it came from a lot of do drink out of it because they know that their well is purified water.Bottled water which can be purified water is water that is good for everyone and that it doesn’t comes from the drain. The purified water can also be bad water but swe would already know that by now because of the technology.can water bottles pollute the world? The answer is yes but that is the reason is because we don’t want to recycle or do things that are helpful to the world.Not just because the water bottle can pollute the world means that we can’t drink out of it.if you don’t drink out of the water of the store that is the reason that you don’t get enough money when you get paid because that water is the government wasting his money to get us water bottles and that water gets wasted and thrown away.An example that one of my teacher told me is that one day her water pipe broke and everything was dirt when the water was coming out so then she told her husband”get us some water bottles to help us with our water bottle because the tap water isn’t working” so that is the reason why we don’t use tap water anymore do you want to do because the tap water isn’t being helpful when a natural disaster,no one doesSo not everything has to be a natural disaster it’s also about thing that almost everyone has experienced,lets use another example let’s say that there has been a time when you or your parents are running away and you haven’t drunk or eaten anything for the last day and you/your parents haven’t paid the water bills and you had bottled water would you drink out of it no tap water what would you do no other option.I get it sometime the water with the worst taste you don’t like it but not just because of that water you want another water for the rest of your life. According to IBWA in 2000 there was a natural,two company’s united to send them,water.can that be help full instead of tap water? The answer is yes why because natural disasters can breakdown the pipes  so there is no way that the tap water can help the humans after a natural disaster. Problems related to Bottled WatersThe united states is the world’s leading consumer bottled waters of which 4 out of5are thrown awayLast year americans bought 31 billion water bottles of water stack those up and the plastic tower would stretch from the earth to the moon and back eight timesThere are four million tons of trash every day that can fill 1o empire state buildings.Rightnow this is my thinking and I think that if we see anyone throwing away plastic we can tell them to recycle.


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