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he bobbit worm eats fish,squids,puffer fish,octopus, frogfish

he bobbit worm is a type of worm in the pacific ocean.  The bobbit worm eats fish,squids,puffer fish,octopus, frogfish and more sea fish.The bobbit worm has two jaws that can cut a fish in half and also injects a toxin into their prey which stuns or kills it, those are strong jaws to eat meat, it is a carnivore. What does a Bobbit worm look like you may ask ?The Bobbit worm has five antennas on its head, it has no eyes or ears and has no arms but has 150 legs. Some facts about the bobbit worm are the bobbit worm is the biggest  worm in the world and has the most powerful worm bite, and the bobbit worm has light and chemical receptors that cause it to lunge at fish when it thinks they are nearby. It has those 5 antennae that house these sensory receptors.                                                                                                                                                                    It can eat its prey whole if is wants to and can also bite your finger off. It dwells on the ocean floor waiting to ambush its prey, it likes to hunt at night, it buries it’s long body into the ocean floor made of gravel, mud or corals where it waits.  The bobbit worm can also leap six centimeters out of his hole to get fish before they swim away.The Bobbit worm has survived five massive extinctions, how you ask ? Maybe by living so close to the bottom of the ocean floor, and it’s one of the worlds most heat resistant sea creatures and also known as a Sand Striker.Bobbit worms aren’t the nicest looking sea creature, in fact, its very creepy and bizarre looking, with its tiny feet all along it’s 10 foot body and the color is not that of a normal worm, its brown with different boi luminescents on it.I decided to pick the Bobbit Worm as my speech topic because i like to learn about new sea creatures, i enjoy reading and watching videos on them, new discoveries and new species is very exciting. I hope one day to visit the ocean and see new creatures and make new discoveries. Thank You.


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