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he education will help the people that

he social care or community work can improve the well-being
of the people that are discriminating and being discriminate against, the two
strategies are education and inter group contact. Human right education will
help the people that are discriminate against to reduce the discrimination and
prejudice because education will teach them that everyone has the same rights
and freedom in this country, according to article 14 (Equality and Human Right
Commission, n.d) status that ”protection from discrimination.”  This mean that people that are discriminating
other people are be put in the prison because the government are against discrimination
and prejudice, therefore people that are being racist can face the court. Also,
they must stop discriminated other people because we all have the same equal
opportunity in the country and by letting them know that this will reduce the
number of discrimination and prejudice in the community. Inter group contact will
empowering the people that are being discriminated against to annoy any
negative impacts of discrimination toward them.

Prejudice and discrimination can have a negative impact on
people well-being because when you are being racist toward the person, you do
not the health situation of that person. In addition, some people can be very
sensitive when people discriminate them because of their colour of skin.
Furthermore, it can affect the ways people thinks about themselves, for
instance this can destroy their mindset by having lack of confident toward
others and feeling less-worth. This could lead to suicide because according to
(Freud, 1923) he talks about our id, ego and super ego and he status that ” the
id is the primitive and instinctual part of mind that contains sexual and
aggressive drives and hidden memories, the super-ego operates as a moral
conscience, and the ego is the realistic part that mediates between the desires
of the id and super-ego.” This quote highlight that our id, super-ego and ego
control our feeling, for instance, if someone cannot control their id or
super-ego than their ego will take over everything from inside and outside.
This the reason you will see people are going through suicide or high blood
pressure because they are going through a lot. Therefore, when you go to visit
the hospital you will see a lot of mental health patience because of
depression. When someone is experience prejudice and discrimination it can also
affect their social justice because they will feel like they do not have any
right in the society. also, they would not be going to believe in equality act
or human right act regulation because for them equal right dos not exist. T

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Another psychological theory that prove to me why people
like to prejudice and discriminate is cognitive theory because it teaches us
the ways people use their thoughts, feelings, memory and behaviour. Cognitive
theory is things that we remember in our minds that make us feel angry or scared.
For example, the death of your family member or when you have an exam and you
are feeling anxiety about it. Also, when you went to look for a job, but they
could not give it to you because you do not have a no British passport all
those things cause anger and sadness. In addition, there is also Cognitive
dissonance which is the ways we change our attitudes, belief, thought and
behaviour to reduce the discomfort to toward other people. For instance, when
people are being racist, and they know that it is against the law but they
still doing it. According to (Festinger, 1957) statue that ”we have an inner
drive to hold all our attitudes and beliefs in harmony and avoid disharmony.”
This mean that the only ways we can control our attitudes and belief is when we
started to self-discipline ourselves. For instance, when you are in the
workplace you must know how to treat people that are from different race with
respect and dignity. Also, as a professional you will be working with different
types of race, ethnicity and many more, therefore you must accept them, when
way they are. Sometimes people prejudice and discriminate others because they
do not have self-discipline and the fact that they think their race are more
superior than another race.

 By using psychological
theory which is social learning theory, which has proved to me why people like
to prejudice and discriminate against the group, according to (Albert Bandura,
1977) status that ” Behaviour is learnt from the environment through the
process of observational learning.” This
suggest that people learn to be racist toward other people by seeing their
family giving the negative attitude towards other people, and sometimes the
environment they put themselves in such as peers, schools or living in within
the place that is not suitable for them to grow in. for example, in London it
is known that living in the south-east London such as Brixton, Peckham and
Camberwell. This is known to be the ghetto or black people area and living in
the places such as west London and Knightsbridge, it is known to have people
who are hardworking mostly called the white people area. So, you see that
people are being put down in levels that included where they are living, what
work they do. Therefore, this causes stereotyping towards each other. Also,
social learning theory link with observational learning, which status that
people attend to learn their behaviour through observe of other people,
especially when they are young. According to (Bandura, 1961) status that ”
Children observe the people around them behaving in various way.” This mean
that people that prejudice and discriminate other people, started it when they were
young because they used to see people that are close to them doing it, for
example their family and friends that are older than them being racist against
people, therefore all those things will stay in their minds and now they think
it is normal things. Furthermore, you will see there is many people in our
society are being racist toward others because of all those reasons.

Many individuals within UK experience prejudice and
discrimination because of their sexuality, race, gender, age, disability,
ethnicity and many more. Racism is the most powerful discrimination and
prejudice people use against other people because they know that it can destroy
people minds. Racism can stop people from working together as one because
racism can create stereotype in minds of people, an example would be some white
people thinks that all young black people are in crimes. Many people are
suffering from racism, for instance in the workplace if white, black and other
race have a job interview together, the chance is the white person is more
likely to get the job. And racism is something that can put a person have a low
self-worth and make them feel less important in the society.

The purpose of this assignment, is to identify a group of
people in UK who experience prejudice and discrimination. I must talk about two
theories that will explain why people discriminate against the group and in which
ways prejudice and discrimination could affect the well-being of the group that
are experiencing the discrimination. Furthermore, how social community or
development worker can stop the person that discriminating others and how would
they help the person that is being discriminated against.


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