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Healthcare build professionally. As I am from

refers to improvement and maintenance of mental and physical health especially
by medical services. Health care not only means diagnosing and taking care of
the patient but in the broad term it also refers to the management,
communication and supervision skills under medical roof, which is achieved by
health care programs. I have been in the medical field for about six years and
have also completed Bachelor’s in Pharmacy from India. I have always been
inclined towards the welfare and health of the society and wanted to do more in
this field according to my capabilities.

completing my studies in medicines, I wanted to have a broader approach towards
administrative skills as well and this can only be achieved by Health care
leadership program. I took this program to gain knowledge regarding the
business administrative, communication and leadership skills in order to have a
good health care professional career. In my perspective, having only theoretical
or clinical knowledge is not enough. One should also be aware of the skills
which will help to build professionally. As I am from medical background, I
want to gain knowledge and skills relating to business administration, so that
it will help me improve professionally and have wide spectrum in medical

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I hope that the COMM 5000 subject will inculcate some important communication
skills. As I am a shy and introvert person and do not take fair initiative many
times I hope the subject will help me to improve my weaker areas in
communication especially while speaking in public, so that I can clearly put
forth my thoughts and opinions in front of others. Additionally, this subject
will also be helpful in my career as sometimes in professional level one need
to build up teams and also lead them with equity and with proper leadership skills.
Therefore, I think that the communication subject will be a great help to
develop and grow professionally and be a good health care practitioner.

from this, talking about my communication strengths which include a good
listener, have a friendly tone, empathy, open-mindedness and respect. But I
think these strengths are not sufficient in order to justify my position as
Health care professional. As talked earlier, I am an introvert person and fail
to initiate any discussion when in a group and I usually take a back seat when
initiating some new work or putting up own opinions when in group or in a team.
Moreover, I also lack confidence and clarity of speech while communicating. Thus,
these are few weaknesses which I want to improve in myself.

if we look back how communication use to be ten years ago we will be able to
point out some differences as compared to now. In earlier times, there was not
so stress on professional ethics relating to communication and leadership as
comparative to now due to large competition in the society and more of
professionalism at work. Besides this, the communication has risen
technologically as well, as individual are easily prone to mobile phones,
computers, television, and satellites which are few modern modes of
communication as compared to ten years back. So, we can see huge differences
between past and present communication.

I am looking forward in this program to polish my communication and leadership
skills and improve in the areas where I lack expertise which will be helpful
for me as a health care professional.




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