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Her first book, Running Out of Time was published in 1995. Margret Peterson Haddix is an inspiring author and has written many books, including: Just Ella, The Girl With 500 Middle Names, Turnabout, Because of Anya, Escape the Memory, Say What?, Don’t You Dare Read This Mrs. Dunphrey, Leaving Fishers, Takeoffs and Landings, The House on the Gulf, and the Shadow Children series. “Her books have been honored with the International Reading Association’s Children’s Book Award; American Library Association Best Book and Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Adult Readers notation, and more than a dozen state reader’s choice awards” (“Library News”). Margret Peterson Haddix encourages teenagers to be unique and to be themselves. Margret Peterson Haddix lead a normal childhood. Margret was born on April 9, 1964 (“NNDB: Tracking the Entire World”). She grew up on a farm near Washington Courthouse, Ohio (“Library News”). She hated busy work in school (“Advanced Literature for Young Adult”). As a child, Margret dreamed of a career she never actually thought real people could do. She wanted to be an author (Haddix). Her father told many wonderful stories, which develop her love of writing (“Advanced Literature for Young Adult”). She comes from a family of bookworms and farmers. During high school, Margret participated in school plays. She also played the flute and piccolo in the marching band, pep band, and symphonic band. She sang in the school choir. Margret worked on the school newspaper, and ran track one year. She also competed on a school quick- recall team. Margret served on the county junior fair board, and did volunteer work through my church and 4-H clubs (Haddix). Margret wasn’t completely impractical with the career she had chosen. When she went to college at the Miami University, she hedged her bet a bit. Margret majored in creative writing and journalism. Her freshman year she worked as a cook at a 4-H camp. Every other job she has occupied since then dealt with writing. One of the greatest things she did in college was spending a semester studying abroad in the small country of Luxembourg, located between France, Germany, and Belgium. Margret says, “During college I worked on my school newspaper and had a summer internship at newspapers in Urbana, Ohio; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Indianapolis, Indiana” (Haddix). After college, she got a job as a newspaper editor in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Shortly after that she moved back to Indianapolis to work as a newspaper reporter. Being a reporter allowed her the opportunity to meet many different people, in very different ways. People would always answer her questions, just because she was a newspaper reporter. Even though sometimes she was being very nosey. She spent most of her time as a general assignment reporter, meaning what she covered or wrote about varied from day to day. Hearing so many different stories from a variety of people and witnessing a variety of events not only inspired her, but allowed her to play with many kinds of stories, including the plot, characters, and settings in her head. Margret never changed the facts in her stories for the newspaper, she would only go home and write different kinds of stories based more on her imagination and sense that there was something higher than just the “facts”. It wasn’t easy for her to write her to write after reporting for nine to en hours a day before she sat down to write. Which is why she decided to write more on her time off-work. She had many more ideas for fiction than she wrote down (Haddix). Margret married Doug Haddix, whom she met in college. Doug also went into journalism right after school. Doug got a job in Danville, Illinois as a city editor of a newspaper. This seemed like a big complication for Margret’s career. She knew if she wanted to continue as a newspaper reporter, it would mean working with husband as her boss. This didn’t seem like a good idea to her, but she agreed with Doug to see it as a good opportunity. It would be her chance to concentrate and work on fiction. Margret says, “I took part-time jobs teaching writing at a community college and doing freelance business writing, but I also wrote Running Out of Time; Don’t You Dare Read This, Mrs. Dunphrey; and other numerous short stories” (Haddix). While she was working on these stories, her and Doug decided to start a family. Margret went through a time were everything she submitted was rejected. By the time her daughter Meredith was a year and a half old, Margret had sold her first two books. She was also pregnant with her son Conner. It was hard for Margret to be a newly published author and a mother. She wrote during her kids’ nap time, when she should have been sleeping as well. Everything she wrote had to be interesting enough to keep her awake. Margret Peterson Haddix continues to write still to this day and she still manages to inspire teenagers to be themselves, to work for what they want, and to not always take the easy road in life. Margret never thought she would be an author, she strived to be the unthinkable, an author.


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