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Hey and I know you have a

Hey there, I see you lurking around and I know you
have a lot of unresolved questions at the back of your head. You’re probably
wondering; “how do I lose this weight?” “I thought I lost weight, why is all
the weight coming back?” “How do I keep the weight lost?”

Well, you’re in luck, I wasn’t going to say anything
before, but since you asked me, you’re welcome to the party. Care for some
chips? No? Alright but hey, it’s your loss.

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When it comes down to weight gain as a universal
subject, the bad news is that every year, an average person adds on at least 1
or 2 pounds which transcends to about 0.9 kg. The good news however, is you can
prevent this weight gain by consuming fewer calories every day for the next
year. This comes down to simple math that you should know.

Protein + carbs= muscle gain

Protein+ fat=maintenance

Protein + veggies=weight loss

Now, if you thought losing weight was rough, maintaining
your weight is even rougher because now you have to subscribe to a culture of
massive portion control. Portion control is when you know how many calories is
in each serving of food and how much food energy a serving contains. Nevertheless,
portion control doesn’t work for everyone, in fact, when it comes to weight
loss, there is no general answer because while some people respond well to
counting calories or similar restrictive methods, others respond better to having
more freedom in planning out their weight-loss programs.

How to Keep the Weight Lost

Because your weight isn’t
like that annoying friend you want to drive into a forest and ditch for the
rest of your life, when it comes to maintaining a healthy body, there are
certain, although simple do’s and don’ts that one must follow.

Why are you regaining the
weight you lost?

Most of the time, your unrealistic
expectations and feelings of deficiency have led you to make choices for
restrictive diets and unsustainable habits which initially worked but cannot
continue to work overtime because they are difficult to keep up with, hence the
weight gain.

v  Develop a habit of exercise

When it comes to energy
balance, you need to exercise to burn off excess calories and increase your
metabolism. This means you burn the exact number of calories that you consume hence
your weight is more likely to stay the same. So you need to plan out your
lifestyle to revolve around the habit of regular exercise.

v  Develop a healthy and reasonable diet plan

When maintaining your
weight, don’t ever skip breakfast because eating a healthy breakfast everyday
will assist you with your goals. Eat a lot of protein since protein
can help reduce appetite and keep you feeling full until your next meal. Also protein needs
a substantial amount of energy for your body to break down. Therefore, eating
it regularly will increase the number of calories you burn during the day.
You should cut down on calories,
refined carbs and fat (even though not all fat is bad) and follow a
Mediterranean diet void of all forms of emotional and stress eating

v  Be cautious

You have to monitor your
weight by stepping on a scale every now and then to ensure that you aren’t
adding any more weight and prevent surprises.


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