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Hi. in September!! Masses before Christmas are

Hi. My name is Jill Daniels. Part of my heritage is Filipino here are some fun facts about me, and the PHILIPPINES! My mom is from the Philippines, so that is where I get part of my Filipino heritage from. I have visited the Philippines before, and even swam in the Pacific Ocean. In the Philippines, they have their own language. It is called Tagalog (TAH-GUHAL-OG). My mom is really good at speaking it. Sometimes she would give me a little lesson on how to speak it. It is kind of hard. In the Philippines, the weather is very nice and tropical. My mom told me that she grew all kinds of fruits in her backyard. That sounds pretty sweet if you ask me. There are plenty of beaches to visit. The Philippines is made out of  7,000 islands. Very big.Currently, the president of the United States is speaking with Duterte, (the president of the Philippines).  They had a nice meeting together. In the Philippines they have 9 masses before the big mass that ends on Christmas. I have been to some of them when I visited, and they are quite fancy! There were a lot of decor. And the mass was very long. The 9 masses begin on December 19. They even start opening stores for Christmas and play Christmas music all in September!! Masses before Christmas are called ‘Misa de Gallo’.In the Philippines they have a very iconic decoration called the parol. It has nice lights and very vivid colors. I personally think that is is very pretty. I have a few at my house.  They also can be very sparkly. They have many sequence and string. A few of the many Christmas traditions is they start many Christmas decorations and songs and dancing very early, and they also start putting their decorations up at late September! They also still have the nine masses before Christmas. They also have early Christmas shopping and they have a lot of caroling. When I was in the Philippines, we did a lot of shopping. It was very fun!One of the many foods that is  served on Christmas day is Liempo. Liempo is made out of pork. I’m sorry if this makes you hungry! One other food that is very popular is pancit. Pancit is basically thin noodles that have small meat and some vegetables. My mom cooks it for many special occasions and it is really yummy! I also really enjoy rice. Rice is a grain, so you can just buy it at the grocery store and cook it in a pot. I have rice almost everyday if not, everyday. It is my favorite.In the Philippines they have different languages. They have 8 major ones. The one my family knows is Tagalog. Merry Christmas  in Tagalog is “Maugmang Pasko”. One Christmas in kindergarten, my family and I took a trip to the Philippines for two weeks, and on Christmas day there were kids coming to my grandma’s house and caroling and we gave them some money. They were singing Christmas songs in Tagalog. I didn’t really understand what they were saying, but I do remember my mom saying “Maugmang Pasko”. The way I get my Filipino heritage from is my mom. My mom was born in the Philippines and , grew up there. I have lots of cousins, aunts, uncles and my grandma. I really enjoyed teaching you about the Philippines! Paalam, kapayapaan!


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