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How afraid should we be of cyber

How afraid should we be of cyber terrorism?Intimidating through the usage of internet is cyber terrorism. As a matter of fact, no physical casualties are reported because of cyber terrorism till date. However, it can cause significant damage to our lives and sometimes even the fundamental personal life can get affected. Cyber terrorism can effect in situations ranging from accessing sensitive information of any nation’s defense to bank details of an individual to academic data thefts etc. There is a fundamental difference between physical attacks and this. In most cases, the loss can be retrieved in the formerwhile it is not so for the latter.We can be very vulnerable to threats through emails, advertisements on several web pages, click-baits etc. One should be very careful about this and should take proper security measures to reduce the possibility of an attack. Like civic sense in our day-to-day lives, one should have “internet usage sense” as well.Why are there differences in approach to cyberwar between America and China?  The Unites states has always tried to rule the internet space. However, this was not very successful. Hence, the White house had made an appeal to work with China. From this, they expected to frame the guidelines of the cyberspace game. However, the USA still has a larger control over the cyber technology. Hence, there are some differences in the opinion. Even though the Chinese cyber game is increasing rapidly, it still has to develop a lot. The number of unsecured computers are high in China. This means that the cyber environment is vulnerable and is slowing the growth rate. At root level, everything is same – Cyber command.The time taken by these two countries to introduce the rules-making mechanism for cyberspace has created “heat” in the relation between the two. As a matter of fact, both the countries have already experienced cyber war. The conflict between the Poizon BOx, an American hacker community, Pr0phet and Chinese hackers dated back to 2001 eventually lead to the closure of White House’ site for 2 hours.Both the countries implemented the Guidelines on fighting the cyber crime and related matters in 2015. Should the Trump government decide to invoke this policy, everyone can at-least have the possibility to avoid another cyberwar. 


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