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How wrinkles or folds free. An alternative

How to Use a Garment Steamer

A garment steamer is a great way to keep your clothes free
from wrinkles. Well, it is also known as clothe steamer. Nowadays most of the
people prefer to use garment steamer than a metallic heavyweight iron. In many
ways, irons and clothes steamers offer the same service. But their
functionalities are different. Well, we know you are switching to steamers from
using irons and that’s the reason you are here. Today, we will discuss how to
use a garment steamer, how it works and its benefits to use.

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Why Are People Switching to the steamer?

Clothes are impartial part of our life. So, we have to take
care of them as like our other daily materials. There were days when people
have to press their clothes only using irons to make them wrinkles or folds
free. An alternative way was to spend extra bucks at the laundry for getting
the perfect plain garments.

But, now we can simply use steamers for getting a plain
garment just ready within a few minutes. There are some identifiable benefits
to use it. Let’s discuss them.

Ironing takes a whole of your patient, time and
heavy labor. You have to set up an ironing place or board before you can iron
your dresses. It also takes a lot of your time. Sometimes, it takes a lot of
effort to heat it and press the tougher corner of a shirt’s collar or button
area. on the other hand, steaming takes
no time to set any board or steaming place. You just have to switch it on.
You just have to hang it on the road and go with the steam.

While you iron your dresses, you need to turn
them and keep changing the side for pressing every wrinkle. Steaming doesn’t
give this hassle to turn your clothes again and again.

There is a higher chance of damaging your
clothes’ fibers with ironing. Steaming machines provide clean looks without any

 Most of
the iron end up being ruined after hardly using 1 or 2 years. But, steaming
machines are long-lasting than any other products in the garment industry. 

How Garment Steamers Works:

The steamer is an easy to carry holder device. It contains a
tank to store water. A streaming device produces heat and vapor utilizing
water. The steamer put all the steam using a nozzle directly on the garment.
The heat coming from the steamer relaxes fibers of the clothes and removes

Steps to Use Steamer:

You need to know some basic steps to use the steaming
machine on your own. Let’s not wasting more time we are moving to the

Every steaming machine comes with different
style and shape. The most important part of steamers is a tank. Find out the
tank and check the manufacturer’s guide for using it. It is not a difficult
task to locate the tank. First of all, you have to put water into the steamer’s
tank. You can fill any type of water like mineral or dilute water. It just
depends on your mood.

Like the iron, you have to plug it in the
socket. As it is a charging based device or battery grounded. So, you don’t
have to worry about charge deficiency or battery damage issues for steamers.
Just plug in the socket and wait until it creates enough steams.

After plugging in the socket, you have to allow
the steamer to heat enough. Because heatless steam won’t make any difference to
your clothes. It is just a waste of time and energy. Once, it is heated enough
test if the steam is enough or not for your clothes. We recommend you to check
the manufacturer comes with the device. It clearly implies how much time you
need to heat steamer.

Sometimes, overheated steam can damage your
clothes’ fiber. If you feel like it is generating overheat then you can wait
two minutes to get the steam at the lower level after switching it off.

You have to press the head of the steaming
machine against your clothes. Your clothes will have no wrinkles if you keep
repeating pressing the steam on the clothes in a right way. It is much easier
to steam from top to the bottom and keep moving it up and down or in a circular

Once you are done with the steam you have to
allow your clothes to hang in the air to dry off. Freshly-steamed clothes have
much amount of water. So, it needs a little break to dry off before you put on
the clothes. 

How to Keep Your Garment Steamers Clean?

A steamer is your daily life mate. So, you need to keep that
clean to maintain a maximum durability.

You should only use distilled water for the
tank. It prevents forming of lime and minerals scale.

Some people tend to use polluted water. So, they
can clean the tank after every use to ensure the stability.

You can use vinegar for cleaning the steamers.
Put 1 tablespoon of vinegar in the tank with water. Heat the steamer until the
solution is quite hot. Throw the hot vinegar into the sink. That’s all! It will
remove any kind of lime or mineral is blocking the wand.

After throwing the vinegar mixed water fill the
tank again with distilled water. Heat it again completely and throw the water
into a sink.

Now, refill some distilled water and it is ready
to use.


What Things To Consider While You Use a Steamer?

Your clothes are not made of same material. They contain
different types of fabrics like wool, cotton, and silk.

Keep the minimum distance of two inches for
steaming wool, silk, chiffon, sheer or velvet types of garments.

Don’t steam in a particular place for a long

It is better to hang the clothes on the rod or
hanger before you steam them.

When you steam a heavy garment make sure you are
steaming both sides to remove wrinkles.


There are many reasons for switching to steamers leaving
irons. They are easy to use and provides better functionality than any other
laundry services. 


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