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Human Behavior and the Environment Essay

“For everything you have missed, you have gained something else, and for everything you gain, you lose something else. ” (Emerson, 2012) This quote explains the life and hard times of Luis Perez and his family. Luis Perez emigrated from Argentina to the United States with his wife, eight children, and his parents to build a better life. They left behind most of their belongings and bought a piece of land to start a winery business. The family structure was a traditional style and the grandparents were resistant to the changes in language and culture in the U. S. Luis began his family with his high school sweetheart at the age of 20.

Luis was considered to be in the early adulthood stage in his life. As he transitioned into middle adulthood, the move was one of his first life transitions. Luis lost his father Ramon and shortly after that his health took a turn for the worst. This changed the dynamic of his traditional family setting and affected each family member in a different way. Luis has several influences in his life that determine his behaviors in life. Luis’s influences are in order from strongest to weakest: his parents, wife and kids, culture and tradition, career, religion, education, health, death, and financial burdens.

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Luis’s parents were very traditional and he was their youngest son. Therefore he was expected to keep the tradition alive and care for his parents in their late adulthood stages of life. Luis parents demonstrated an authoritative parenting style which may have led to his decision to begin a family so early in life. Adolescents are at a point in their development where they need to spend time with peers because this interaction provides important information about sexual relations, compassion, leadership, and conflict that may not be available within the family. Ashford & LeCray, 2009) Luis met his wife in high school and married her soon after. They began having children right as they were transitioning from late adolescence and entered early adulthood. Maria and Luis have overcome most of the issues that adolescent parents endure. Luis finished high school, he married Maria, worked to support his family, and they had no reported drug or alcohol abuse problems. Luis has created his family, they have established a religion, and he has laid the foundation for a successful financial future by his middle adulthood life.

Although a series of tragic events including the loss of his father and failure of his health, the family cycle had continued through his son Ramon. This is a temporary adjustment to the Perez family’s normal means of living. Ramon is experiencing his own problems that Luis and the rest of the family are unaware of. Ramon is struggling with depression because of his sexual preferences and the delay of college. Luis is dealing with his own health problems and the guilt from his son not attending college as planned. The transition to late adulthood is approaching fast due to hid health concerns.

He has been rushed to the identity versus despair stage in his life. Luis is struggling with unresolved conflicts that shift his strengths from family and career to health and financial burdens. At this stage it is natural for Luis to face health problems, depression, financial stability, grief, loneliness, and spiritual beliefs. Luis has negative outlooks in all these areas, therefore, he can age faster and his focuses will be on his struggles and not the struggles of the family as a whole. As a human service professional working with Luis, my biases would mostly be emotional.

I have a soft spot in my heart for hard-working men who support their wives and family. I could see myself with being consumed to find a resolution for his family because he is not dealing with drugs or abuse. My main goal would be to provide him the proper counsel to assist him with avoiding these outlets as a resolution to his problems. I also do not believe in parents mapping their children’s future, therefore, discussing alternatives for Rolando would be a part of our counseling. I don’t really have any biases of stereotypes in regards to Luis’s circumstances so this would be strength in his treatment.

The biggest struggle would be respecting Luis’s traditional values and accepting his resistantance to changing some of his thoughts processes. Experience has been said to be the best teacher in most situations. Working with Luis would cause me to view how I influence my behavior on my children. I would also recognize that while things were good and stable for Luis when he was in good health, he did not do much planning for the future. My analysis would also conclude that Luis did not have much of a personal relationship with his family because of work. In my own situation, I will move forward being sure to find a balance between the two.

If Luis was more interactive with the family, he may have taken notice to Carmen’s isolation, Rolando’s sexual preference, and the problems in Anna and Roselina’s relationship. Working with any family can teach someone the positive and negative impact they have on the lives of people around them. Being familiar with the stages in life and the different behaviors associated with those stages create a better understanding. Executing the knowledge I have learned from the Perez family case study and course material has already changed the dynamics of my family life. You only get one life and the best life is lived balanced and happy.


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