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Human Resources Management (Recruitment and Staff Selection) Essay

1. What would you say to George about the ideal legal and ethical hiring practices? The ideal legal and ethical practice in the hiring of employees in the HR department is giving everyone a fair chance to present his/her papers and choosing the best who will be able to carry out the activities that are defined effectively. Professionalism should be maintained during the hiring process and favorisms should not occur during the process. If there is favorism in the process, the employees’ morale will be destroyed and the staff turnover will be very high in a company.

George has the right to report any activity that may tend to make the process not credible. An ethical firm is supposed to uphold what is believed to be good for the firm, its staff and the society around. Such illegal practices as corruption, favorism and more are shunned in an ethical firm. Ethics define what the business stands for and is ready to defend it in any course, no matter the cost. Biasness according to gender and sexual orientation is one of the major problems that are facing the HR department in many firms.

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What I would say to George is that the ethical practice after noticing that there is favorism going on is to apply for the vacancy while at the same time taking the necessary steps to report the matter to the necessary authority in the firm who will take the necessary steps to ensure that the hiring process is credible. If the firm boasts itself as an ethical business, it will take the necessary action on the supervisor and thus ensuring a credible process. It will ensure that the legal and ethical practices that it upholds are met/observed. 2. What can you do to ensure that the recruitment and selection process is fair and consistent with the requirements of federal and state laws on hiring practices? The HR department is the one that is concerned with the hiring and recruitment of employees into an organization. If the department is compromised in the quality service that it provides to the organization, the organization may not achieve its objectives. This is because the company will have unqualified manpower undertaking the various jobs thus production of low quality service/product.

The HR will be a major influence to the fall of the organization as it is the one that hired poor hiring and recruitment decisions which may be due to favorism among other ill practices that are carried out in the department. To ensure that there is fair and consistent recruitments in the organization that uphold the federal and state laws on hiring, the organization itself should brand itself as an ethical firm that upholds the good no matter the cost.

Hiring of qualified personnel in the HR department, who will ensure that such practices as the ones of gender biasness and corruption are averted will ensure that the hiring process is fair to everyone within the society. Policies on the hiring and recruitment of employees should be well put to ensure that everyone is conversant with the set policies and will play their part in ensuring that the process of hiring goes through with less or no difficulties. If the policies are favorable and observed by the organization’s staff, the process will become fair and consistent as it is supposed to be. . How would you address this with George’s nursing supervisor? George supervisor seems to be carrying out unethical practices within the organization which jeopardize the organization’s policies. The practice that the supervisor is carrying through in the department will in future come to negatively affect the firm because the right people for the jobs are left out in the employment opportunities. As a way of dealing with the supervisor, the firm is supposed to investigate into the claims of George about the supervisor and if true take the necessary action to punish his wrong doings.

The action may include dismissal/suspension, termination of work among others. Seemingly that the practice has been going on in the recruitment and hiring of employees, further investigations into the various employees would be advised in order to ensure that no one is holding an office wrongfully. Those who are in office wrongfully should be demoted and the people who have the needed qualifications to serve in that office promoted in order to ensure that there is fairness and consistence. This will further enable the firm to have a bright future in the achievement of its goals. . What steps can be taken in addressing George’s concerns for retaliation or termination? George concern about reporting the matter is that he will be terminated from his work and will not have any source of income that he could depend on. These concerns are very genuine given the state of situation in which George is currently in. As an ethical employee, George should be ready to take any necessary steps that will ensure the recruitment and hiring exercise within the company regains the fairness and consistence that is expected to exist.

The favorism and biasness that is ongoing in the firm due to the supervisor will only be stopped if someone like George takes up the responsibility and does the correct thing. George should complain first to the supervisor before going to higher authorities within the firm, and if the supervisor terminates his employment, he should then undertake the specified process by the law to ensure that justice is served and when it is served, George will be compensated or even re-hired, given the fact that the firm is ethical. The supervisor is the one who will take the fall for his actions.

No matter how long the process takes, the supervisor’s actions will come to catch up with him. If George complains hold up and it is found out that he wrongfully terminated George, by the law, heavy penalty will be accorded to the supervisor. 5. Where does the human resource department fit into this scenario? The HR department is concerned with the with the hiring and recruitment of staff into the firm. The department is also present to ensure that the employee welfare is good and that there is no ill practices being carried out by the staff.

As the department responsible in ensuring that hiring of genuine employees, the department should pride itself in undertaking ethical practices that clearly show that the employment of various staff is done efficiently and accurately. In this scenario, the HR department comes in because in ensuring that the right person is accorded the correct job, the HR department is the one that is concerned in foreseeing that this happens. All staff within a firm are all under the HR department. The absence of a HR department will negatively affect a company as there will be no department that is concerned about the staff’s welfare.

There will be no department that looks into claims forwaded by the employees. There will be much evil that exists within an organization. George will forward his claims to the HR department and as an ethical practice, the department is supposed to llook into the concerns and take the necessary actions on the various parties. George has a genuine claim and the HR department ought to investigate into the matter or else have to take the fall in future as these actions by the supervisor will definitely come to bite the company in future.


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