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“Human We must unite our efforts to

“Human trafficking is a crime against humanity. We must unite our efforts to free victims and stop this crime that’s become more aggressive, that threatens not just individuals, but the foundational values of society.”-Pope Francis (“Google”).Even though slavery was legally abolished in 1865, it has not ended (Reinhardt). According to the website Polaris, human trafficking is the trade of humans for the purpose of forced or sexual labor. Human trafficking is a huge business in which an individual can make a huge profit without much effort. Even though it is very profitable it destroys the lives of many kids, teens, adults, and the homes of many families. Human trafficking or modern day slavery is a serious omnipresent issue and we need to solve it now, by taking action and spreading awareness.Human trafficking is a global “disease” that is happening everywhere and to anyone. Americans today are shocked and don’t believe that it still exists in the United States. For instance, Emma Reinhardt states, “In the United States alone there are 50,000” (“MODERN-DAY SLAVERY”). Many people today don’t believe that slavery exists because it’s illegal, but this quote proves that it does in fact still happens today. No country is safe from the horrors of human trafficking. Reinhardt later states, “Over 27 million people are slaves in the world” (“Modern Day Slavery In America”). Many slaves exist in the world today, more than ever. Victims of this can be anyone. According to the website Polaris, “Victims of sex trafficking can be women, men, children, and LGBTQ individuals” (“Sex Trafficking”). Human trafficking doesn’t just target certain age groups. People can be targeted as young as ten years old and it doesn’t stop there. On average about 40 to 50 girls disappear a month from their homeland (“Human Trafficking”). Slaves are treated with complete torture (“Modern Day Slavery”). Slaves do not have any privileges because they are owned. Many of the girls trafficked are raped, tortured, beaten, and even imprisoned (“Human Trafficking”). Many slaves that are forced into labor do not get paid. Vulnerable people are frequently targeted by traffickers (“The Facts”). Vulnerable people are usually easier to manipulate and that is why traffickers usually target these individuals.We all should take action by raising awareness to help end human trafficking locally and globally. There are many ways to help the fight against this problem besides just raising awareness itself. In 1993, workers began the Rugmark Campaign, as stated in the text, “MODERN-DAY SLAVERY” from the publication Current Events. Everyone can help in the fight against human trafficking including students, workers, parents, and individuals. For instance, people can learn how to identify the victims (“15 Ways You Can Help Fight Against Human Trafficking”). Learning how to identify victims of this brutal and life-destroying imprisonment can be very beneficial in many ways. If we all learn how to identify the victims, then we all can be one step closer to ending this epidemic. From this, we would lower the percentage of victims and help destroyed families to be fixed again.Although human trafficking is unjust some people may actually think that it’s beneficial. According to “# Reasons Why Human Trafficking is a Good Thing”, a fellow YouTuber states, “Eliminating human trafficking would also eliminate the manufacturing of goods.” This is wrong because human trafficking is illegal in most countries and it would cause more trouble than good to the profiteers. Although trafficking victims help produce manufactured goods, it would better for unemployed people to be able to work in those places to reduce unemployment rates. Forcing victims to work in the factories can cause a lot of trouble since it is illegal. Although it’s good for the factories to make money, it would better to not break the law and ruin its reputation. The factories would then be more beneficial this way and we would still have plenty of manufactured goods because not all goods come from forced labor factories. Many businesses have come together to help end human trafficking. For instance, Hargreaves states, “Delta is part of a Global Business Coalition against Human Trafficking…including Ford, Coca-Cola, and Exxon Mobil” (“CNN Money”). Major business are stepping up to the plate to help end illegal forced labor; why would you want to keep it? Millions of people are suffering every day making maybe some of the items you wear daily. They are treated with absolute torture and they are millions of miles away from their family. What good is a shirt compared to a life you can save?Human trafficking is a major felony against humanity. Profiteers have become greatly successful from trafficking victims and forcing them into sex or labor. However, the victim’s numbers have greatly increased over the past years. Therefore, companies, the government, communities and you should help to end this problem. By raising awareness, taking action and learning how to identify victims you can help the world to be a better place. Human trafficking is unjust and we all should do as much as we can to end it or at least to help decrease the number of victims each year.


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