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Hydrogen Louis Jacques Thenard was the first

Hydrogen peroxide is a chemical compound composed of two hydrogens and two oxygens. This mixture is known to be the simplest type of peroxide, and it is used as an oxidizer, a bleaching agent, and an antiseptic. Louis Jacques Thenard was the first to identify hydrogen peroxide in 1818. Jacques Thenard discovered this when he burned barium salts to make barium peroxide, and he observed that when he poured the barium peroxide in water to dissolve, hydrogen peroxide was produced. After this observation, Jacques Thenard improved his method. Thenard’s method was considered to be the most common way of creating hydrogen peroxide. As a result, there were a numerous amount of formulas made. However, Petre Melikishvili was the first to correct the formula of HOOH (H2O2) (History of Hydrogen Peroxide). Hydrogen peroxide is manufactured through an anthraquinone process. The process is a cyclic operation, which means that the alkyl anthraquinone gets reused. In addition, it consists of hydrogenation, filtration, oxidation, and extraction stages in this process. Badische Anilin- und Soda-Fabrik (BASF) developed this process (The Manufacture of Hydrogen Peroxide). Hydrogen peroxide has been actively used since the mid-19th century, which increased markedly when we came up bleaching products and so many other usages (The Manufacture of Hydrogen Peroxide). Hydrogen peroxide has plenty of usages. However, hydrogen peroxide is mostly used to oxidize various chemical groups. These oxidizable groups primarily include lignins, cyanides, sulfides, and phenols (benzyl alcohols) (The Manufacture of Hydrogen Peroxide). Other uses for hydrogen peroxide are you can use it to bleach your hair, whiten your teeth, clean and disinfect minor wounds, cure canker sores, get rid of an ear infection, deal with sinus infections, make toothpaste, use as deodorant, clean around the house, clean your fruits and vegetables, boost plant growth, kill mites, and so much more (51 Extraordinary Everyday Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide). Now if we would include a chemical equation, we are going to balance a chemical equation for the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) to water (H2O) and oxygen. The equation would look like this: H2O2 ?H2O + O2. The equation balanced would be 2H2O2 ?2H2O + O2. This equation is the perfect example of a decomposition reaction. Overall, hydrogen peroxide is a very beneficial chemical compound in society.


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