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I and put the imagination in. Ironically

        I am not against computers, tablets and smartphones. Not at all. But when it comes about our children’s education this changes dramatically. I know an example of a school in Silicon Valley, the most powerful digital center in America, where you don’t find any tablet, smartphone or screen around you. They took the screens out and put the imagination in. Ironically top executives and employees from the biggest tech companies send their children to this school. Well for sure they know better than the majority of people why they are doing so. For me is no wonder why. And it seems that this school is not the only example we can find in america or around the globe. I read an article a few months ago  about the reason why Steve Jobs didn’t let his kids to use technology too much. How come the CEO and founder of one of the world’s biggest high-tech company didn’t let his children play too much with iPads or iPods or iPhones or Macs or whatever they have in their house? It is supposed to be a big digital hub that house, full of high-tech gadgets !!! But hey we use these gadgets every day and God knows how many hours each day. Now why all of these facts? What’s happening behind the scenes?         Well I know some also from my own experience. As a face to face and also an online tutor I saw the impact of screens on children not only from my country, but from other countries and continents as well. They read less and because of that they learn less, they don’t know the basic concepts anymore, they don’t understand anymore some math concepts, they don’t know how to make simple logical connections between the data they have, they don’t exercise/ solve too many problems anymore or very few and as a conclusion they don’t use their minds and brains anymore. But for many calculations they need to make they want and need to use a scientific calculator or a computer or some other tech device that can do their work for them. They get lazy and this is really, really bad. If they face a difficult problem, they give up or they look for the answer on the internet. This happens also for some more simple problems and this worries me. Their are not curious anymore and eager to find the solution to a problem. And the list goes on. I have seen them all probably or maybe not, who knows. What can a teacher/ tutor do in this situation? Well one of the things is to write an article about this.           It seems that the more you use technology like screens in your reading/ learning process, the more you are distracted by the so many internet apps and social media you use, if you have of course an internet connection. And the more you feel engaged in clicking to see video content and animations/ images and also reviews and this way your learning process goes down of course. Even if you don’t have an internet connection I can tell that reading/ learning from a book is way better than doing the same in front of the screen. But I will write more about this in the next article. Thank you for reading.  


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