Aveneu Park, Starling, Australia

I and Regression, Time Series Analysis, Statistical

I have known Prince
Kumar for more than 7 years now. We first met at Indian Institute of Management
(IIM), Rohtak in year 2010 when I was a visiting faculty there from Indian
Institute of Management, Lucknow. I was his professor for two courses in 1st
and 2nd trimesters in 1st year where I taught Quantitative Analysis
for Management. Topics covered in the course included Probability, Correlation
and Regression, Time Series Analysis, Statistical Modelling etc. We have had
frequent interactions even after college and it has been a pleasure to watch
his growth in corporate sector. In my academic career spanning 5 decades,
Prince will definitely rank in the top 10 percentile of all students

a student, Prince is highly intelligent and possesses good analytical skills. His
project on application of time series analysis to project future price of a
stock showed a deep understanding of statistical concepts and ability to master
complex concepts and apply those concepts to real world data. The project was
definitely the top project submitted by the class in that year. He did
extremely well in both the courses taught by me which reflects in his grades as
well. These courses have provided him with a solid foundation to prosper in
your program.

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has outstanding communication skills. His project report was written with great
clarity and he presented his analysis in a clear and concise manner. He was
very articulate in the class discussions which were an integral part of the
curriculum. He always put across his views in a clear and succinct manner and
gave great arguments to support his points. He was showcased great presentation
skills while explaining his projects to his class members.


is definitely one of the most motivated students I have come across in more than
30 years of my academic career. He used to put maximum effort in all his
academic pursuits and approached all his tasks with utmost sincerity. As per my
observation, he definitely has the maturity to succeed not just in your graduate


Prince is certainly an exceptional candidate for
graduate study in Data Science. He would immensely benefit from the knowledge
gained during the rigor of graduate study. He possesses the required
intellectual ability, perseverance and initiative necessary to succeed in
graduate study. If his performance at IIM Rohtak is any indication, He would be
an extremely valuable asset to your program


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