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I KKK had done to African Americans.

I chose Sage
American History, because it gives me helpful information about my topic. It
also gives me helpful subtopic about my topic about what happened during that
time. This site is related to what we looked over in unit 1 because it talks
about the counter revolution that happened in the south during early to late

The first
interesting thing that I found on this website is that it talks about how the
KKK came to be. It explained that basically the KKK was a white supremacist
group that white southerners had formed after the civil war. The southerners
were upset due to losing the civil war and for the great loss of lives and property.
( Sage, 1995)

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He second
interesting thing I found was that it also goes into detail what kind of work
the KKK did during that time. It goes on to talk about the ” reign of terror”
that the KKK had done to African Americans. Stuff like burning down houses and
killing farm animals, along with being beaten within an inch of their life in
front of family members. ( Sage, 1995)

The third
interesting thing I found was that even though the KKK was formed after the
civil war. They are still active and doing work into the 21rst century and to
this day. They are still lynching and killing African Americans simply to keep
them as a minority. ( Sage, 1995)

This site names
one significant person, former confederate general Nathan Bedford Forrest. I
think he is interesting because he was reported to be the KKK’s first Grand
Wizard, but he formally disbanded the KKK in 1868 because of increasing amount
of violence. Even though the KKK is still around, in 1870 and 1871 congress
forced bills to try and protect African Americans and try to stop the violence,
so they wouldn’t be deprived of their political and civil duties as an
American. ( Sage, 1995)

I think this was a
helpful and informational website. It furthered my knowledge of the counter
revolution in the south during the reconstruction era. It also allowed me to learn
more about the KKK and why they do what they do, even though it was wrong.



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