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I decided to choose an article about a woman who did private cryptography work during World War II. It starts out talking about how the woman, Jean (Johnson) Bridgers, was born prematurely and wasn’t expected to make it the first night. However, she not only made it but she is currently 92. She worked closely to a cryptography operation that involved Bletchley Park in England. Bletchley Park became famous after “The Imitation Game” that was a movie that came out in 2013.  

She was not allowed to say anything about her operations until 30 years later due to the British act of Parliament make her swear to secrecy. Not even her husband knew what she was doing. She still remembers every detail to this day. Some of those details include; people, places, environment, etc.

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She was attending the University of Minnesota for law in 1943 when the Army sent her a letter asking if she would like to go to radio operator school. The Army would pay her tuition and provide her with a salary. After she trained she got sworn into the 1st Minnesota Regiment of the Woman’s Army Corp, (Rayburn, 2016). It took her three days to travel to Georgia for her basically she where she says that she really learned what tired was. She became disappointed when she was still sent to work in a library despite all her training.

Later she got assigned to “The Ultra Secret” which was a project involving working in a basement at night. This project involved monitoring communications from the enemy and passing that information to Bletchly Park, (Rayburn, 2016).

They were able to encrypt messages because of the information that German and French spies. With the use of the information Polish scientists were able to make an encoding machine to help decrypt those messages. Back then, Bridgers was excited to be a part of it, but later regretted it because it sunk a lot of submarines with German boys.

After her stint involving cryptography she did various other jobs involving bringing back troops, helping men when they return, etc. 


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