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 I was fortunate enough to spend few of my childhood summer vacations at my small village in U.P (my grandparent’s home) stunning green field of Paddy, and vibrant green field of various crops, those sugarcane field and lovely beautiful birds was like a treat  for a city slicker like me. On top of that early morning guest at the backyard they were my Grandfathers regular visiting one’s because breakfast, lunch and dinner was provided on a platter with water. Our National Bird. Beautiful morning! Beautiful life! Few glimpse of villagers and their life: finding a garden fresh  cauliflower could be a  reason for someone to smile. coal is still the only medium of fuel in few kitchens of villagers.even in village your morning routine can be the best excuse to check your whats app account….. I am a girl who love seasons, that is the reason I have always fallen in love with the product which reminds me about nature, about our soil, but many of us do not understand if herbal and Ayurveda products are same as natural products or are they something else? Today I thought to give you an idea about Ayurveda, Natural and Herbal terms and how they are different from each other, also my love for one Ayurveda brand Biotique.So let’s start with the terms, Herbal, Natural & Ayurveda and what these terms really mean;Herbal:Made up of plant extract, plant roots & plants leaves etc. These are free from chemicals; however pesticides may have been used in their growing. In beauty industry herbal is the most generic term out there, by just incorporating a part per thousand or even part per million of any herb make something a herbal formula in most countries. They are not bind with any local or Global standards, like min % level of herbs necessary, product efficacy norms or their raw material standards.Natural:Made from plants and minerals that occur in nature not in laboratory however pesticides, chemical fertilizers might have been used to enhance their growth. Generally they are free of common chemicals like artificial fragrance, colorant, preservatives etc. These are slightly tighter in norms if compare with herbal but not everywhere. A product being claimed as natural may have as low as 1% natural ingredient. So think before buying.Ayurvedic:Ayurveda is medicinal science which include use of herbs as well as heavy metals like gold, silver, copper, mercury, Sulphur, tin, animal extract etc. They are almost exclusively Indian centric and known for its patient specific approach. They are mostly bounded by global and local standards bodies, there for holds better trust and loyalty than natural or herbal categories, if at all. Raw materials are highly standardized in ayurvedic products hence I highly recommend ayurvedic products over natural or herbal, but still I would say always read the ingredient list and look for certification from a reputed certifier. Now if I talk about my favorite Aurvedic product range then for sure it is from Biotique. I haven’t met any product so far from this brand which I dint like. How many times I have bought products from this brand again and again that I have lost count. Few of my daily essentials from the skin and hair range are:Biotique Green apple Shampoo:Price INR-600 for 800 mlA perfect shampoo for smoother and silkier hair, it provides shiny and lustrous hair in one wash, fragrance of this shampoo is exactly like green apple.It lathers up nicely, if you have oily scalp this is the product for you but not advisable for dry or frizzy hair texture.Ingredients are:Green Apple juice 2%- Green apple juice is a potential natural remedy for strengthening your hairs. Along with that, it also makes sure that your hair fall is under control. Plus, regular use of this juice is also known to promote hair growth.Manduk Parni plant (Centella) 2% – Helpful in prevention of graying of hair and prevent hair fallShikakai pulp 1% – To treat dandruff and hailfall, helps in making hair shiny and silkyGhrit kumara juice (Aloe Vera) 1% -Promote hair growth & Reduce dandruffCoconut oil 1%Badam oil 1%Biotique Bio Bhringraj fresh growth therapeutic oil:Price-INR-159 for 200 mlThis oil has a pleasant fragrance and yellowish in color, it defiantly makes hair soft, silky and manageable. Bhringraj oil is one of those rare oil works wonders if used regularly. It also reduces hair fall and increases hair length, It is very light and non-sticky .One of the best Biotique product I have used.Ingrdients are:Bhrinraj plants 0.6% – Preventing hair loss, boost hair growth, prevent graying of hairs.Amla fruit 0.4% – High in vitamin ‘C’ there by preventing premature graying of hair, treat in hair loss.Tesu flower 0.45% – Boost hair growth.Mulethi stem 0.35% – Rich in essential elements like, protein and vitamin B. Prevent hair loss, dandruff treatment, hair growth boosterBhrami plant 0.5% – Good for strengthening of hair, treating dandruff, rich in antyoxidants, preventing hair loss, boost hair growth, preventing graying of hair.Cow milk 5%Goat milk 5%Biotique Bio Coconut whitening and brightening cream:Price INR-199 for 50gmsOkay so this is the cream which I used first time when I visited New Delhi few years back in winters, In Delhi when its below 200C all regular liquid lotions doesn’t do the trick, sometimes creams are not enough but this cream has changed my perception. This cream is  very light formula which leaves a moisturized and nourished skin behind, for combination skin like me this was like a magic potion specially for my dark spots, I could see a noticeable change in my dark spot just after few weeks of daily morning work. If you are looking for a good budget friendly day creams do give it a try.Ingredients are:Manjistha root 2.1% – Potent antioxidant, keep skin glowing, removes pimples, freckles and discoloration.Nimbu leaf 0.5%- Fade away dark spotBadam oil 2%Coconut oil 3%  Biotique Bio morning nectar flawless face wash:Price-INR150 for 150 mlThis face wash is milky colored solution and have slightly running consistency, but that floral fragrance OMG it’s really mesmerizing. It doesn’t leather much but takes away all the dirt and grime off your face without drying off the skin which is the best part of this face wash.Ingredients are:Margosa rot bark (Neem) 2% – Heal dry and damaged skin, help pimples, antibacterial and antioxidant, remove dark spots.Asana stem bark 3% – Treat eczema and gives anti-aging properties.Honey 2%Ritha fruit ext 15%Purified waterWhich one would you prefer Herbal, Natural or Aurveda?Have you used any of above product? Which one is your favorite?Share with me in my comment section… 


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