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I own business. The reason why I

I Damaninder singh completed my senior secondary
with commerce stream in 2017 with 65% of marks. I want to do specialization in
Business Administration and I found same course of my choice in University of
Regina. I want to do Business Administration because I belong to highly
cultured and business family where education and business are both very
important. Family members are my first friends and they taught me value of our
culture gave me support both financially and emotionally and always encouraged
me in my endeavors. My parents are very conscious about my career and also
motivated me to think big. My father was willing to support for my expenses of
studies in Canada and then I have taken the first step forward towards a
brighter future and the aim to achieve success. Moving to another country is
not easy but for future goals I have to do that. Studying in an institution like
University of Regina is a dream of every student. There will be different
students from different nationalities in University of Regina and it is a
multicultural society. I researched about campus on internet and I find that
staff is highly qualified and friendly. Business Administration program at
University of Regina is focused and practical and students can select
specialization that fits their personal interest and future goals. Moreover,
the field of Business Management or Administration is an evergreen field it
means to coordinate the efforts of people using available resources effectively
and efficiently. I have to work hard to achieve good grades as well as learning
objects from this course which definitely help in my career. I will do hard
work in studies like completing the assignments and projects on time, always
focused and active in the class and full preparations of exams it will definitely
gave me better marks. If I get good grades then I have more career opportunities
in the field of business like- find employment in both private and public
sectors, and also become entrepreneur and start my own business. The reason why
I chose to study in Canada is that it is a developed nation and Canadian educational
institutions offers wide range of opportunities for international students so
there could be no place better than Canada for studying practically as well as
theoretically which helps in great extends for dark future and faster
development of personality as well as of the world. The system of Canadian
education is recognized as one of the best education system in the world because
they provide low living costs and quality education. The campus of University
of Regina provides outstanding facilities, wired technologies, entrance
scholarships and clean and safe environment. The government of Canada is also provided
great support for international students in different sectors. Therefore,
studying in another country or nation is an adventure and a challenge but it
will enhance my knowledge as well as practical and mental skills by interacting
different people in the society. The international exposure will give me
willpower to understand the global operations in the field of business and
supportive sources to boost my knowledge of the necessity programs.


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