Aveneu Park, Starling, Australia

If goods are here in Paris. So,

If I had a chance to travel whenever
I want it would be definitely Paris, the city of love and fashion. I had been
in Paris once and I desire to return there, because it is the place where your
dreams come true.

Firstly, we cannot talk about Paris
without mentioning its amazing shopping fashion. Like almost every girl in the
world I like shopping and as we know Paris is the center of European fashion.
There are many shops, boutiques where are being sold very beautiful, unique and
fashionable clothes. You can find what you are dreaming about, because all the
best, the most beautiful and the fashionable goods are here in Paris. So, this
one of the reasons why I would go to Paris.

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On the other hand Paris has many
interesting places, sightseeing and I have list of my favourites, which are the
Louvre, Eiffel Tower and the Disneyland Park. Each of these has its own
importance for me. For example, the Louvre is one of the most famous museums in
the world and paintings such as «Mona Lisa» by da Vinci are stored here. Many
people come from different countries for visiting this museum, so if I were
there I would surely visit it again. The next sightseeing is Eiffel Tower which
is the symbol of whole France. It is very breathtaking to see the view of city
from the high tower especially at night when the city is full
of lights. You get the feeling of being in the sky and watching the city from
there. Another interesting place in Paris is the Disneyland Park which is the
most beautiful, amazing place I have ever been and I would like to go there again.
Exciting gardens, unbelievable attractions are surrounding you everywhere.
Disneyland is a magical place which is a great idea to spend your day happy.
So, these places make me want to go back again to Paris and visit them once
more time if I had such a chance.

To conclude, this is the city of my
dreams and I am sure every time I had a chance to travel whenever I want it
would be Paris.


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