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IGN have Telegram & Teamspeak?:YesTelegram: Thunder V4Teamspeak:

IGN (In game name)My In game name is ThunderV4Age: 12Timezone:ESTCountry:The United StatesDo You Have a good quality mic?:YesDo you have Telegram & Teamspeak?:YesTelegram: Thunder V4Teamspeak: ThunderV4How many hours in a week can you put in this server:I can put in 30-40 hours a week into FenixMC.Any previous punishments on FenixMC?: I have been warned twice before, once for lagging out during a fight and the other was forgotten.Any past experiences in being a staff member:HCZone:The owner of this server was GleemingKnight and TechnologyMC. I was accepted on that server and became trial mod. I worked my way up to Senior Mod in 2 weeks. The new map was coming out and 1 owner was offered an unknown amount causing him to take the roll in selling the server to the people who offered them.Proof:https://gyazo.com/98cd296a9975b273578e9ab2576dfd7dDivineHCF:This server was made by the same people who made HCZone, once this server was put into beta I was offered admin and I took the job. I was staff for the time period on 1 month which was the whole beta. They released using a leaked core. So people dropped hate on the staff team for putting up with it so they finally came around to buy a core and when they bought the core most of the player base died out. I was tired of Minecraft at that point causing me to quit and go play Csgo.BanterUHC:BanterUHC was owned by Braditanium and played on by big YouTubers like AcidicBlitz. I was trial mod on the server before getting demoted for banning a hacking YouTuber for hacking while he was recording a vid and then he faked the vid later to then take it out. The server was in on it so I was demoted and he got unbanned. It was my first staffing so I do not think I did anything wrong but I learned how to SS back then and as well I learned the concept of free advertisement(xD).Proof:https://gyazo.com/8a9fd44101454f3f8cd40f3fabf37eb3Why do you want to become staff?:I want to join the staff team because I remember the old times when I use to love the feeling of catching hackers. I have also been watching Kappios for a long time and I will love to work in a team with him. I want to start a youtube channel on staff series and I think this will be the perfect server. This is the 1 of the 2 servers I play the most so I would love to be staff on here because of that as well. I feel this server will grow a lot and if I am accepted as staff and start a staff series hopefully my channel will grow with it. I have already gotten to know some staff members and I feel I would like to staff as well, they seem to have a lot of fun. I am trying to find a hobby to do and staffing sparks that hobby and I think this server will do that because I mostly spend my day playing on here. I want to also find friends and being on the staff team will help that because I will have to do teamwork with people which can unite a friendship and not only with the staff team but with the players too. I as well wanna overcome my IRL fear of shyness. You may not tell over the internet but IRL I am a very shy person. I feel talking on the internet will help me overcome that. As I can talk to people and just gain that muscle memory will allow me to conversate to new people that I couldn’t have before.Why should we accept you as staff?:Trustworthy:I feel I am a very trustworthy person when it comes to a team because I most of the time stick by there side.Personality:On the internet, I am a very joyful person sometimes. But sometimes I may get a little salty. I am not always happy like most people but I try to not the anger get ahead of me. I can be very serious and be a mature person or I can be very playful and a little annoying(XD). Honesty:When I take something seriously I reply with complete honesty. If I become staff and a scenario is questioned I will try my best to give the honest and real scenario so the correct thing will happen to that scenario. I have been honest before on other servers which have got me the ban which is not good but I said the truth and if I still knew those people till this day they can back me up on that.Appreciation:I am already appreciative of the staff team for all the hard work they have done to make the server better as a whole. I will appreciate and respond in the correct way to every single scenario.Activity:I can be very active which is a bonus to not only the staff team but the whole server in the way that I can help out players when those other staff members aren’t on. I am on about 5 hours a day US, some of the staff members are eu au and cannot be on at those times or doing homework but I am open to anything after 5 pm.Following Rules:I am open to following anything that will not hurt the server told by someone higher on the staff team then I. This is a very big reason to why I should be accepted on the staff team because over some people that are willing to follow commands hurting the server which I will decline by anyone lower than admin.


I'm Simon!

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