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I’m teachers, but just make sure not

I’m pretty sure that all of us have at least once had that moment when you forgot your homework and your teacher is asking you why it’s not being handed in and you just go completely blank with nothing to say. But luckily I got you covered. Dear teachers and dear friends today i’m going to be telling you what to do when you were lazy and forgot to do or hand in your homework. One thing you could do is make an excuse. One of the most popular excuses is that you were sick. Although this is commonly used it still seems to work pretty well and convince teachers, but just make sure not to use it too much.If they ask why you came to school just say that you didn’t want to miss any more work. Another really good excuse is that your sibling did something to it. This works best with a younger sibling but any would do. For younger siblings you could probably say that they tore your homework or drew on it and for older siblings you could say something like they spilled their coffee on it. Even though it seems wrong to blame your siblings believe me it’s worth not having to suffer the consequences of not having your homework. Another thing you could do is before your teacher checks it do it quickly and it doesn’t even matter if the answers are right or not because you at least did the homework. If it something that takes a long time to do then just try and do as much as you can so at least you won’t get in that much trouble because you at least did a little. This next one is kind of the thing you should do if nothing else works. Just pray that something will happen like your teacher doesn’t come to school or even that the fire alarm goes off. I can’t guarantee that this will work but since they is  chance I just brought it up.  Another thing you could do is not go to school on the day that the homework is due. Believe me it works great, my dad used to do it all the time and he never got in trouble. He just told his mom that he wasn’t feeling well and she let him stay home. I know right? The final thing you should do is without going through any trouble to find an excuse just tell the truth.Telling the truth may get you in a little trouble but at least you won’t feel guilty the whole day for lying to the teacher. And maybe the teacher might even reduce the severeness of the consequences because you decided to tell the truth. But anyways without even going through all the trouble to figure out what to do when you forgot your homework kids, just try your best to get it done. Even though I presented all these options or tricks, I believe that you should always be doing the right thing and doing your homework because not only will it save you from a lot of trouble but also give you a better future.


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