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Imagine you are one of the mariners sailing with Ulysses Essay

Tall, sunburnt, from the countless days at sea, and well built from all the heroic adventures that he shared with us, Ulysses is not only a role model to the other mariners and myself, but also an explorer for danger and new horizons. He has left his peaceful kingdom, and a loving family to persuade us to join him in the quest for more blood-spilling action, more ungodly monsters to fight, and more land to conquer. He has asked us to follow him make the impossible possible again. Just like the battle of Troy, and many others. Deep down in my heart I knew that there would be a day when he would leave his family and come to us, as I have spent too many suns with Ulysses, to not know what he is like. His constant crave for adventure, and not having the capability to stay in one place for long. However, knowing and preparing myself to refuse his tempting offer, did not help. Now here I am, on the same boat that we used to fight the sea king, Poseidon, sailing away from home again, with Ulysses as our leader.

The mariners and I constantly wonder if Telemachus is Ulysses’ real son as unlike his father, Telemachus enjoys a peaceful and stable life. These two men, although have the greatest respect for each other, are two opposites. How can a man of adventure and sense of leadership have a son such as Telemachus? This was a question that the others and I often discussed when we had sleepless nights on the windy plains of Troy. The times when all of us had disturbed nights were uncountable. Every one of us would lie there under the shining stars praying to Zeus that we would make it home in one piece to see our beloved ones. Yet at the same time we were all so confident that Ulysses would lead us through another glorious victory without fail. For this reason, everybody in Greece has heard of, and respects the name ‘Ulysses’, as the sound of his name brings reassurance to those who are close to him, yet panic for those who fear him, like a mouse who fears his predator.

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He is a shining sword when in use, but a rusting metal otherwise. Although he and I are getting old, he has the mind and soul of a determined young man. Never wanting to be wrong, at his best whenever and wherever he can, correcting his wrong, and doing the right. However, like a young man, he is too ambitious, and does not tolerate mistakes. Always roaming with a hungry heart, Ulysses is always looking for more trouble. And after we have defeated the trouble, we would drink away our sorrows of being away from home with the joy that we are alive. Although a good leader and a righteous man, Ulysses always seemed to enjoy the idea that he was away from home, not having to worry about the troubles of being a king, as when he was with us, fighting for our lives, he is not a king anymore, but just another man fighting for his life.

It is now been two years since I have seen my family. I do not know why I allowed myself to be talked into sailing again. Perhaps it is because of Ulysses, or maybe because like Ulysses, I missed having to face danger, not knowing whether tomorrow will be my first day to a new beginning, or my last. Who knows when I shall see my wife and children again, but I do know that like Ulysses, I too am a sword, and do not have much time. Therefore I will continue to strive, seek, find and not yield.


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