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Improving Overall Organization Retention Business Essay

This paper discusses about Bettering the keeping issues and enlisting of the employees at JC ‘s Casino. It besides identifies each issue and makes recommendations to JC ‘s Casino and improves overall keeping. This paper develops the scheme to better productive employee behavior and cut down counterproductive behaviour of the employee. The Independent Consultant plays a chief function for bettering keeping issues. It examines the occupational stressors and occupation satisfaction. The occupation satisfaction extremely improves keepings issues.

Bettering overall organisation keeping

JC ‘s casino is a company sing keeping issues refering with the traders and the housekeeping staff. With the several issue interviews, the traders are go forthing to work for less at other country casinos because the cavity foreman, Joe, casino proprietor ‘s step-son who has been identified by the employees as toxic, overbearing, immorality, and incompetent. An inordinate sum of absenteeism and high turnover of suites has caused other sections to draw the employees to cover for housekeeping and the cheque in clip has been changed along with engaging more staff for baggage demands of clients who arrives early.

An Independent adviser has been hired to better the current state of affairs taking topographic point at JC ‘s casino. The function of this adviser is to reexamine the assorted issues happening at JC ‘s casino and the procedure usage tools such as occupation analysis, public presentation assessments and motivational theories to better the keeping and enlisting of the employees at JC ‘s casino ( Leiyu Shi,2010 ) .Furthermore, this adviser besides addresses occupational emphasiss, occupation satisfaction and counterproductive employee behaviour as each may act upon keeping at the casino every bit good as supplying recommendations for increasing the occupation satisfaction and keeping of the casino ‘s employees.

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The adviser identifies the specific jobs within an organisation is to carry on a occupation analysis. Identifying and finding the peculiar occupation responsibilities and demands along with the comparative importance of those responsibilities for any given occupation is known as occupation analysis. The occupation analysis establishes and paperss how good employment processs such as preparation, choice, compensation, and public presentation assessment relate to the nature of the occupation. With public presentation assessments, a occupation analysis can be used to develop ends and aims, public presentation criterions, rating standards, length of provisional periods and the responsibilities to be evaluated.

Motivational theories

The JC ‘s casino includes two work motivational theories such as Justice theory and Reinforcement theory. Justice theories identify the just intervention of persons within the JC ‘s organisation. This theory values fairness and motivates people to keep the equity between the organisation and themselves ( Leiyu Shi, 2010 ) .The justness theory includes the equity theory that believes persons strive hard to make and keep conditions of equity and equity between company and employees.

When an employee is dissatisfied with a work state of affairs they will be motivated to happen a manner to cut down it. The traders at JC Casino are happening the work atmosphere really dissatisfying because the cavity foreman, Joe creates a toxic environment for all the employees. When the employees compare the results and the inputs they are non holding the wagess lucifer or transcend the unfairness. The 2nd work motive theory is the Reinforcement Theory that helps JC ‘s casino. The support theory is all about wagess and support and how they can impact an person ‘s behaviour.

The support theory was proposed by B.F. Skinner and provinces that individual ‘s behaviour is a map of its effects ( J. C. Tregarthen, 1906 ) .The reinforcement theory does non concentrate on internal provinces. Harmonizing to this theory if behaviours are rewarded so the desired behaviours will reiterate. The theory states a behaviour ‘s chance will increase if a support or wages follows it. This can be seen with the housekeepers at the casino. The occupation is acquiring worse for the housekeepers every bit good as other members of the hotel who are forced to make the housekeepers occupation. The figure of housekeepers is diminishing and the figure of suites to be cleaned stays the same the consequence is more work for the housekeepers. This excess work is reenforcing the emphasis of the occupation without any excess benefit or wages ( J. C. Tregarthen, 1906 )

Occupational emphasis

It is apparent that there are a figure of stress factors that negatively influence the public presentation of employees in their work. Research on work emphasis has focused on businesss that implicitly involve high degrees of emphasis, such as exigency service work. The emphasis associated with peculiar occupations and there are occupational stressors that are alone to occupation locations. Individual differences besides cause work emphasis. If two people are making the same occupation they can respond in opposite ways to a shared occupational stressor. Interventions for work emphasis scope from organisational to individual-based attacks.

In the absence of good communicating system as in the JC ‘s casino, fright takes over and this compromises with the occupation bringing. The deficiency of proper communicating channel between Joe and Sneed promotes buildup of emphasis as Sneed is non in a place to turn to Joe ‘s attitude towards the employees. Sneed need to near Joe sing his actions in order to repair these challenges and thereby doing employees experience appreciated. With employees making more work than expected, it is likely that this will take to employees sing emphasis and weariness. We can relieve the stressors by diminishing the work load and by giving the proper continuance hours ( Robert H. Bruininks, 1998 ) .

Job satisfaction

Job satisfaction is contributing to a positive work environment that will enable JC ‘s Casino to run into current and future concern demands. JC ‘s casino should endeavor to better the employee ‘s occupation satisfaction and thereby advance occupation keeping in the entity. JC casino should implement good working status of workers, promote good communicating between the direction and the staff, novice acknowledgment and wages systems every bit good as promote good relation between the employees.

These schemes will assist supply a suited working environment that will rise occupation satisfaction and cut down negative counterproductive employee behaviour such as absenteeism. Human forces play a important function in the attainment of organisational ends. The concern entities like JC casino face high employee turnover rate due to prevalence of emphasis factors. However, usage of motive schemes can advance occupation satisfaction and committedness. The people look for new occupations at two chief grounds such as occupation satisfaction and swearing with the organisation.

Job satisfaction differs from individual to individual. The HR Director, Tom Sneed, has to turn to with the casino ‘s recent quandary of several traders go forthing and traveling to work for a rival every bit good as other organisational issues. Job satisfaction is the positive emotional province ensuing from rating of the individual occupation satisfaction this plays an of import function in employee keeping because a satisfied employee strives for efficiency, productiveness, and ne’er considers staff go forthing the occupation.

The aim is to take down the keeping by implementing occupation satisfaction that consist of implementing the wages and compensation schemes for great public presentations ( Robert H. Bruininks, 1998 ) . The company needs to maintain acknowledging their employees and squads achievements, whereas direction can besides make a satisfied work environment where thoughts are exchanged freely and feedbacks are provided. ( Robert H. Bruininks, 1998 )

Counterproductive and Productive behavior of employee

Counterproductive employee behaviour reduces efficiency in the workplace. Counterproductive employee behaviour is chiefly due to absenteeism, turnover, and lateness. This emotionally charged behavior affects the company as whole or certain employees separately. The Employers must work to extinguish such behaviors.

The suggestion for cut downing counterproductive behavior and increasing productive behaviour of the employee is given below. Production and counterproductive behavior in the work topographic point aid to find company ‘s employee satisfaction and productiveness. Behaviour is an of import facet of the endeavor can be produced or counterproductive. Many behavioral schemes to increase production and to cut down counterproductive behaviour Additional staffs should be hired or perchance on call staff should an absence occur would be helpful so that the staff that is scheduled and at that place does non acquire overloaded.

Having contaminated relationships at the work topographic point can ne’er be a positive thing. Supplying assemblages outside work could assist employees acquire to cognize each other better. Training for direction can do the JC ‘s Casino become a successful organisation. This will increase the productive behaviour of the employee ( Robert H. Bruininks, 1998 ) .


Bettering keeping and enlisting for the employees was discussed. The scheme for counterproductive behaviour and productive behaviour was developed. The occupation satisfaction sodium and the occupational stressors were detailed. After placing all the issues related to the keeping and enlisting procedure and after traveling over all the schemes that can assist relieve these issues, the industrial organisation Independent Consultant identifies some of the stressors and counterproductive behaviors that cause a lessening and hold in the productiveness of the organisation. Therefore ; after doing recommendation by work motive schemes this company, JC ‘s casino should better if they use this information right. Thus the betterment for keeping and enlisting of the employees at JC ‘s casino was concluded.


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