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In the automotive industry things change everyday. Usually it happens through advancements or a part that is no longer needed. The gasoline engine is no expertin.    Through the years gasoline engines have become more fuel-efficient. The benefits of having more fuel-efficiency is that you get better miles per galline. This is good because it allows you to save more money on gas. How they did this happened way back in the day around the late 1800s and this improvement was to go to an four-stroke engine instead of a two-stroke engine. But the four-stroke engine isn’t all good it is more expensive to make and more complicated to make. In the end it is probably better that the gasoline engine has better fuel economy then a cheaper engine. The next thing that the gasoline engine has improve upon is changing from  carburetor to fuel injection. Fuel injection has a better way of mixing gasoline and air then carburetors. The on-board computer controls the fuel injection process. Fuel injection just works better in almost every aspect. Fuel-injected engines are easier to start especially on cold days. Gasoline engines with fuel injection are also are more efficient and more responsive to changes in the throttle. They do have some negative things to them in the  terms of their increased complexity. Fuel injection systems are more costly to repair than carburetors as well. However, they have become the industry standard for fuel delivery and it doesn’t look like carburetors are coming back anytime soon.The last improvement that the gasoline engine has improved upon is higher horsepower. They have done this through turbochargers and superchargers. Turbochargers increase the pressure inside cylinders by cramming more air. By cramming more air into the engine will increase the power generated by the engine’s pistons. The down side to turbochargers and superchargers are that they take higher grade of gas. But the last few years that has gotten better. Over all turbochargers and superchargers are good especially with smaller cars.


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