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In colder weather came closer . And

In the stock market contest , I purchased shares from Starbucks , Coca – Cola , Target,Netflix , Google , and amazon . I bought most shares from Netflix and Coca-Cola .Coca-Cola was actually one of the cheapest to buy , I had a lot of those . I had aboutmaybe 25 or 30 shares with coke . And I also had a lot of Netflix . I believe I had a fewshares from Amazon, those were quite expensive . I think it was about $850 each but Ithink I only bought maybe 2 at the most . Google wasn ‘ t too much compared to Amazon ,and I believed I bought about 15 shares . Starbucks wasn’t too bad . I bought about 10/15shares because their sales would go up as the colder weather came closer . And forTarget, I bought a few from them as well because they were going to have black fridayssales later in November , so I knew that their stock would go up . I used the holidays tohelp me decide on which company to buy shares from . For Netflix I knew that newshows were coming out and I thought that would bring more money or subscriptions forNetflix . I observed many downfalls on my shares with Amazon and some with Target at2first . Target was losing some money, it also wasn’t my highest stock unlike Coca-Cola .Surprisingly Coke was doing the best out of all of them , I made most of my money fromCoke, Netflix and Starbucks . I would probably invest in more popular companies thatusually does good , and do more research to find for those companies to know iminvesting in something that’s worth my money . Investing in stocks for retirement can bea little risky , someone can easily lose a lot of money , or a company/ corporation can gobankrupt . And bonds can be too little to support a person for retirement . Otheralternatives for retirement where you can invest in real estate , like making people rentout your old house or apartment . After completing this stock market contest , I’ve learnedto be cautious about buying stock . That you can easily lose your money and that to buymore isn’t always the smartest choice to make . And just because the share cost so muchto buy doesn ‘ t mean it ‘ s a good investment to make , like for Amazon it cost alot to buyone share but it was one of the worst that I had .


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