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In a world where there are only cell parts and your so small that you can only see you through a microscope. Not only is this city full of life but its existence in our body allows it to be alive. Here is an awesome town, a town filled with cell parts and workers, factories, and even a mayor. Welcome to Cams Cell City! Well first off the city is surrounded by a wall called the cell membrane. The job of the cell membrane is to act as a perimeter, protecting and guarding the inside of the cell from others trying to get in. Framework Inside The City, we see the framework of the cell. The cytoskeleton makes each cell different and creates a business for them. The paths created by the cytoskeleton allow parts of the cell to move around. This movement is part of mitosis. Workers As we wander along, we notice workers coming and going. These are called ribosomes and it is their job to carry out the manual labor of the cell. They take the raw ingredients of amino acids, combined with DNA, to make proteins. Parks Cell City has some special places that act as parks or open spaces. This is cytoplasm and it is a semi-fluid substance like jelly. This material fills and cushions the interior of the cell. Factories and Post Office Factories, power plants, and communication stations are important parts of any city. The rough reticulum serves as a factory where the ribosomes work to manufacture their goods. The smooth reticulum is a place where they make hormones and steroids. The Golgi Apparatus is the post office, packaging and shipping goods to other parts of the Power Plant The mitochondria is the power plant, where the cell creates and stores its energy. The lysosomes act like a crane, knocking down and destroying damaged or older parts of the cell. They also serve as a trash disposal by breaking down and removing waste. Town Hall As we pass through Town Hall, called the nuclear envelope, we find ourselves at the center of all the activity. This is where the nucleus acts as the brain, controlling all of the activity within the cell. This fascinating tour ends as we step back from the microscope. Each day, billions of cell cities just like this one go about their business, keeping us energized and alive.


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