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In hard skills required for the job

In order to get job in various sectors
one must be flexible enough to get adapted to the requirements and needs of
various sectors. This not only increases the job opportunities but also makes
one a dynamic, flexible and versatile performer.  In order to increase the flexibility, one
need to learn the transferable skills. Transferable skills are not sector
specific but are common to all employment sectors. Moreover these are not the
skills which are innate but these skills can be learnt.

Job seekers can see on various job
portals about the basic qualification required for a job. But in today’s
competitive world qualification has taken a back seat. In fact, the employers
are more interested in the skill sets attained by the candidate in that
particular field. For employers Skills are beyond qualification and experience.
Such skills are called as employability skills that makes you employable.

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The concept of ’employability’ has been
most usefully defined recently as ‘the ability of an individual to secure and
sustain employment and progress within the workplace’, recognising that
different types of employment have different ’employability’ requirements (Belt
et al. 2010: 1-5, UKCES 2010: 2-3).Although you may have qualification
or experience related to hard skills required for the job role but without soft
skills employers are less interested in hiring you. According to Brown and
Hesketh (2004), In UK, the qualification are just considered as a “threshold
requirement” whereas employers’ are increasingly interested in the personal
attributes like soft and relevant hard skills.

Thus employability skills are those
which helps you in getting and being successful in a job. Such skills helps the
candidate to solve day today issues, decision making, interpreting information
and thus an asset to the organization. Such skills are lacking in the large
mass of candidates who apply for the jobs. However employers spend lot of money
on training there staff related to soft skills, but they immediately fire the
employee if they don’t find them performing well.  Numeracy skills has been identified as one of
the most important basic skill required for getting a job.


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