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In in which each employee is rewarded


In 1989 Jorge
Paulo Lemann and two partners bought a not very succesful Brazilian beer
company named Brahma for $50m. A decade later Brahma acquired Antarctica, a
rival, to become AmBev. In 2004 a merger with Interbrew, the Belgian seller of
Stella Artois and Beck’s, created InBev. Four years later, InBev paid $52
billion for Anheuser-Busch of the United States. As if those deals weren’t
dizzying enough, in 2012 the new Anheuser-Busch InBev paid $20 billion for full
control of Grupo Modelo of Mexico. Nowadays, AB Inbev is the largest bear
company in the world and owns more than half of the bear market. To be that
successful, they need to motivate their employees, and for that, the main
system they use is the meritocracy system.

The meritocracy
system is a management model in which each employee is rewarded on his own
merit. The term meritocracy, in the scope of Administration Science, is
attributed to Max Weber, who in 1904 created Theory of Bureaucracy. Today,
meritocracy has been considered an alternative to stimulate the engagement of
the professionals, since when they have their recognized efforts they feel an
essential part for the success of the business.

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At AB Inbev, meritocracy
is considered one of the pillars of the company and has been part of its culture
for 11 years. According to them it is the best way to value internal talents
and reward them for their accomplishments. 
Meritocracy goes beyond the bonus and guarantees recognition and
professional growth above the market average, and it also means transparency,
internal cooperation and ethics in achieving results, as well as the attitude
of business owners. of our employees.

Everybody is AB Inbev” is the way  in which
the professionals who work in the company are called. That is, from the
trainee to the president, everyone is evaluated and recognized for the
performance and commitment to the challenge proposed to each one. When
asked about the importance of meritocracy to the company, Carlos Brito ( CEO) is
emphatic in saying that the company works with professionals who have vision of
business owners. These same people, in turn, are motivated, have dreams
and a lot of desire to realize them.

the best way to maintain this spirit of healthy competition is to value the
professionals for their work and talent, as this is what will ensure the
continuity and expansion of the business. For this reason meritocracy is
so important and implanted. 

conclusion, AB Inbev has four pillars  to
motivate their employees. The first pillar is the meritocracy system; the
second is the feeling of ownership,which is the idea that this company belongs to all their workers, They
like the feeling that employees think that they are running the company. The
third pillar is to focus on the results, they have to keep in
mind that every thing the employees do, at the end of the day, needs to result
in a satisfy costumers; and the last important pillar is to create the
environment, they like to people hear that they are in an environment that they
can speak up, speak their minds, and tell all the ideas or criticism. Those are
the most important pillars to keep their employees motivation in order to keep
AB Inbev the largest bear company in the world.


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